the suburbs are reborn in the name of colour

Bees and giant flowers “invade” via Lago di Cepestrano. It is not a bad event, but quite the opposite. In fact, these are the masonry works that will be completed in the next few days on two Ater buildings in the Villa del Fuoco neighborhood, and that the artists Samuel Romani and Fabio Petani are creating. As for the murals created on the pylons of the axis equipped by Peeta street arter, these two other projects are also part of the program of the Murap Festival 2022 (walls for public art in Pescara) as well as the overall project “Il Passante art of via Lago di Capestrano”. The murals suggest, as happened recently in the Zanni and San Donato districts, the successful formula of the urban renewal intervention based on art and social engagement.

“In this area we are investing a lot both in economic and social terms – declares Mayor Carlo Masci – because this intervention we are carrying out includes both artistic aspects and general redevelopment, destined to change the face of a neighborhood that has always been considered as only for its difficulties. Instead, we must highlight the potential of the entire territory. We believe in it to the point that at this moment we are demolishing the dilapidated buildings on Via Lago di Borgiano, soon we will demolish the so-called horseshoe – memories he us about – and on Saturday we inaugurated Pendulum Road, which serves the entire outer. belt of the city.. Now, with the Aria Foundation, we continue this work in urban muralism. Here there will be a square as a gathering point, sports facilities and a renovated and landscaped green area. It is indeed true that with this administration the peripheries are at the center”.

Petani, one of the two artists involved in the creations and originally from Roseto, explains the symbolism of his project, which places bees at the center. “This work, which in the perception of the subject was naturally agreed with the artistic director of the Murap Festival Alessandro Sonsini, indicates the cooperation of the bees, because they perform many functions, but all together – he emphasizes -. In this case, the example of bees, that interact to achieve a common goal, followed in the social issue that we wanted to consider. It therefore reminds of the neighborhood’s cohesion and is a call to the residents of the neighborhood to rediscover the cohesion and togetherness. In the drawing there are also the honeycombs that represent the different parts of the neighborhood and therefore the houses Also depicted will be D’Annunzio’s tower, which is very dear to the inhabitants of the area ”.

Petani, on the other hand, is from Turin and explains his project as follows: “it was born from the idea of ​​being linked to the history of the neighborhood, taking as its starting point a character from the district, ‘Cesare in fiore’, who walked around dressed in flowers and bringing joy. For this reason I will insert in one part of the wall a mimosa, which was the flower he preferred and put in view on his bicycle. However, the main part of the representation sees Crocosmia Auereus as the protagonist, which is a flower that blooms in the spring with an explosion of colors that wants to launch, in this case, the message of a new life and a restart for all citizens “.

The presentation of the nine works was also an opportunity to remember what was done in the neighborhood with the plastic arts workshop that saw the creation of 20 sculptures: works that are the result of the residents’ creativity and that will decorate at the end of the works “The artistic pass of via Lago di Capestrano” and thus the new urban space. “It is a pedestrian infrastructure that unites parts of the neighborhood that until today, and for fifty years, have been separated – explains Sonsini – The message is to ‘put together’, to ‘put in communication’ people and objects. It will start from the Donati football field, which, when I came for the first time, surprised me. Behind that wall there was actually another Rancitelli. With this project, we now break through that wall, create a new entrance, a circular window, a real eye on the neighborhood “. When the passerby is finished, you can pass under the first mural, cross via Lago di Capestrano at a point protected by bollards, enter the Hope park, where the sculptures from the Plastic Art Laboratory will be placed, until you reach the second mural dedicated for bees.

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