The battery-powered next-generation technology series

The first cordless tools had a limit, namely the reduced working autonomy and the lower power compared to the corded ones. Today, technological development has meant that the performance gap between corded and cordless tools narrowed.

Makita specializes in the production of professional battery-powered tools and has today exceeded expectations with the new range 40Vmax Xgtwhich goes hand in hand with 18V Lxt tool areawhich has around 250 machines and is the most complete in the world.

Launched last year, the Xgt series (Next generation technology) has received great acclaim especially from professional users who need tools with specialist connotations in terms of power and performance.

The Xgt products perfectly meet these requirements and achieve a strong appreciation from the experts, so much so that this series of products is constantly increasing and by the end of the year it will touch 100 items.

XGT series news

  • SDS-Plus hammer drills (HR009G and HR008G), machines created to be used in heavy machining, in processes where the machine must guarantee reliability, in conditions where it is necessary to support and improve the quality of the work.
  • 125 mm angle grinders with X-Lock connection (GA041G, GA044G and GA047G), machines resulting from a project aimed at integrating perfectly into the work maneuvers, thanks to a refined ergonomics, in fact the machine body can be safely controlled by the operator. These machines are a concentrate of technology, the quick disc coupling system guarantees safety, speed and optimization of the time it takes to change a disc.
  • Jigsaw (JV001G), designed to be used in various processes with the aim of doing work accurately, quickly and safely. The mechanics adopted support the work in the most diverse conditions and adapt to the needs of the operator, going beyond the limits imposed by the weight and ergonomics of other products. With just the blade change, this machine is capable of cutting steel, wood, plastic and composite materials, always guaranteeing top performance.
  • Planing machine (KP001G), a tool born from important research in the sector, which requires quick intervention and precision in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations. Makita has developed a machine capable of supporting any application need with attention to derived powders, as it is suitable to be connected to an external suction unit.
  • Backpack vacuum cleaners (VC008G and VC009G), machines with which Makita has decided to change the world of aspiration. Light, compact, powerful and ergonomic, they are perfect for the man who can move safely in any environment. The new backpack vacuum cleaners improve the cleaning of environments such as buses, trains, planes, ships, cinemas, hotels and take advantage of the best performance; in the same way, it is possible to connect the vacuum cleaner to many machines to handle the resulting dust, in support of human health and the environment.

These innovations will be phased out alongside the current Makita range grinders, hammers, circular saws, straight saws, hammer drills, impact wrenches and drill/hammerswhich has quickly become part of the equipment of construction companies, craftsmen and all those who work in production, installation and maintenance, as well as the line of blowers, brush cutters and chainsaws that, in addition to representing the ideal solution for companies operating within for green maintenance and gardening, gives companies, as in the case of fans, the opportunity to quickly and precisely clean the work area.

After all, the Xgt series was created with the intention of satisfying the needs of the most demanding professionals who work for many continuous hours without ever stopping.
The biggest advantage is the ability to work in high places or on construction sites that have not yet reached electricity.

Batteries 40Vmax

The basic element that makes up the new Xgt technology is represented by the 40Vmax batteries, also used in pairs to generate a power equivalent to 80Vmax (40Vx2), which ensures a power high, bringing the tools performance on par and beyond the same corded or gasoline models.

Another advantage for professionals is autonomy: Xgt batteries offer high autonomy, with the option of choosing between the 2.5 Ah, 4.0 Ah and 5.0 Ah models, capacities that will soon be surpassed by the new 8.0 Ah models.

For those who need even greater autonomy, Makita also offers a backpack battery (Pdc1200A01 – capacity 33.5Ah), which with an important energy reserveensures maximum autonomy in relation to longer and more demanding operations.

The batteries in the Xgt they are equipped with a charge indicator LED so you can monitor its status at any time. Combined with battery charger DC40Ra, based on an optimized charging system with two cooling fans to maintain constant cell temperature, ensures a full charge in just 28/50 minutes.

Makita batteries are also made and designed for withstand impacts and harsh environmental conditions with the presence of water and dust, to guarantee extreme durability and reliability to cope with the most demanding processes.

The range of XGT tools and batteries are equipped with an integrated program which, through digital communication, maintains the efficiency of the system over time. The machines have been developed with, among other things, safety devices more advanced able to monitor correct operation both tools and batteries both in standard operating mode and during prolonged exertion.

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