School selection for teaching positions in 2022: MIUR guidance

The regional school offices publish notices about the opening of functions to present applications for the choice of school with a view to entering the role of teachers for 2022/2023.

These are the instances for the so-called Phase II of the computerized appointment procedure of teachers where you can choose placement.

To help you complete the questions to choose the schools you want to teach at, we put at your disposal MIUR guide in pdf for download with all the information and we explain all the steps in a simple and clear way.


Here is the GUIDE (Pdf 1.58Mb) published by the Ministry of Education with all operating instructions for filling in and sending an application for choosing a school with a view to entering the 2022/23 role in the teaching staff.


With the MIUR decree on entry into the role of teachers in connection with AS 2022/23 has been approved 94,130 permanent employees for the next school year (from this page you can download the tables of available places for each region). This year too, the nominations for the chairmanship are computerized and to participate in the nomination operations, the candidates must ask two questionsone to express preferences in relation to the province/competition class (Phase I) and one to select the seat of the assigned province (Phase II).

The time for submission of applications for both the first and second stages of the computerized procedure for entering the role is determined by the USR, which publishes the notices of the opening of the functions for the forwarding of questions relating to stage I. then for the selection of province and competition class / type place (here you will find the MIUR instructions for submitting the application) and for phase II to choose the seat. From this page you can download all published USR announcements with application deadlines.

An application for choosing a school for admission to the role must be submitted even in the event of renunciation of employment, if the waiver has not already been made with the application for phase I of the procedure. In fact, failure to file applications to choose venue entails the official award of the same and therefore does not amount to relinquishing the role. For full details on how to resign the appointment and the consequences, read this in-depth analysis.

Let’s see in detail how to submit applications.


Also, the application for the choice of location for the admissions in the role of teachers as 2022/23 must be submitted, as that of preference for the province / competition class, through the web platform of MIUR Online Instances (POLIS – Online presentation of ISstances). To complete and send the application to select the schools, the aspiring teachers must be registered in the ranking list useful for the appointments and included in the range of positions indicated by the USR in the relevant notifications sign in to the portal using one of the following credentials:

  • SPID (Public Digital Identity System)
  • CIE (electronic identity card)
  • eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services)
  • valid credentials for the reserved area by the Ministry of Education.

In addition to presenting the application for admission to the role you must be activated to the Online Instances service. For all information on how to access and activate, read this helpful guide.

Attention! To complete the application, it is necessary to have:

– a personal computer with Internet connection and Acrobat Reader;
– an institutional or personal email address.


Applications must be submitted by deadlines set by USR and communicated through the relative notice, which has the value of a summons and notice for all purposes.


To submit the online application to select the school for the 2022/2023 enrollments as teachers, proceed as follows:

  • sign in on the Instanze Online platform, by clicking on sign in on the website;

  • select the instance Computerized appointments in the role – Expression of seat preferences in the list of available instances and click Go to compilation;

  • read the information page that appears before the form to be filled and click sign in to continue;

  • complete the application for all shifts of summons, for which it is in a useful position, by clicking on sign in to complete each question. Attention! When you are logged in, a screen will appear with the personal information and contact information, which are those found in Poli’s archives and are protected, therefore they cannot be changed. You must verify that they are correct and, for any changes, access the relevant user management functions on online instances;

  • choose whether you want to choose the location or waive identification. In the first case, proceed with the preparation of the electronic form for choosing a school by clicking on Add school to enter each location, while if you give up go directly to the forwarding;

  • check the entered questionsby clicking on Viewand use the function Edit for any changes;

  • submit the instance by clicking on Forward to send the application and so on Confirm to confirm the shipment. Look for the application status update which should appear Forwarded;

  • displays the message the forwarding generated by the system, which also indicates the email address to which the completed application was sent;

  • see the instance is presented by clicking on See the PDF.


Once you have submitted the application for choosing a place for admission to the teaching role 2022/23, you can only change it by canceling the submission. Keep going like this:

  • click on Cancel forwarding to cancel the submitted application and then click Confirm. Check that the status of the instance is updated to Submitted and that the status of the PDF of the submitted application in the archive for your personal Polis area is CANCELED;

  • wait for the message generated by the system and proceed with the modification of the data;

  • resubmit the instance.


We provide you with this in-depth analysis of the places available for entry into the role of teaching staff for the academic year. 2022/2023 and this guide explaining how the mechanism for appointments to the chair for the next school year works. On this page you will also find all the information you need to complete and send the application for choosing a province and competition class / type of venue, with the MIUR guide for download.


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