School, Giusi Princi’s applause for graduates from Calabria

Calabria’s vice president, Giusi Princi, congratulates the Calabrian students

“Between June and July, the wheat, the true gold of the people, is harvested, piled up, counted and then assessed, which season it was. I like to connect harvesting in the fields figuratively with the end of the school year, at the end of the high school exams and the entire long training and education path that precedes it.”

It is with this metaphor that Calabria’s vice-president, Giusi Princi, begins his post-state exam analysis. An analysis based on an assumption, the one that comes from the percentage of graduates by class, which sees Calabrian students stand out on a national basis.

“Despite years marked by upheavals of every kind dictated by a devastating pandemic, in a country as difficult as it is rich in potential as Calabria, the harvest this year has been more than satisfactory: the boys of our country separate stand out at the top of all rankings in Italy, thanks to their results in the maturity tests that come at the end of a cycle of studies probably among the most demanding ever. It is a result that pays off. Behind the results that are reported in the percentage table, I know for sure that there is a school that has not surrendered as an institution to conditional adversity; there is a very hard and sometimes little-known work of exceptional teachers; there is, above all, the resilience of a people, the Calabrian, who has always known how to turn necessity into a virtue with his industriousness and his ingenuity. I know this for sure because I come from the school world and I have been able to see in everyday life how the iculation of a virtuous path inevitably causes the wealth of our children to explode, which then imposes itself on universities and professions. Creating optimal study conditions here in Calabria is a central aspect of my mandate, which I was asked by President Roberto Occhiuto since the first day after taking office, so that the human capital that we have exported so far can instead return to Calabria and be a flywheel of another, better Calabria. Someone who cherishes a certain fatalism that has often captured our great qualities will say that it is only a dream. I believe that dreams stay like that for life if no one tries to make them come true. We try. Our goal is already now to create the conditions, the structural conditions, so that the boys do not flee from Calabria, so that the autumn exodus is characterized by buses, trains and planes that leave our cities full of hope of stopping elsewhere. A photograph that we intend to erase from the collective imagination of the families of Calabria, who are now used to and resigned to this. Giunta Occhiuto indeed wishes to stop the trickle through which our best minds must move away from this region; at the same time, we intend to attract the best young people who distinguish themselves far from here to a well-deserved social, cultural and professional redemption. Because our children deserve to be able to contribute to making our future a reality that is worth living to the fullest. The school, which must therefore be understood as a true social elevator. The result that places Calabria at the top of the performances in the state exams is not improvised and is not the result of improvisation or calculation errors. It starts from afar and is the result of a whole cycle of investigations; so much so that this year more than ever, given that the academic credit accumulated in the last three years is weighted by 50%. The study only confirmed a fact that was easy to predict. Then a round of applause for our gold, for our wheat, for the children and their families, for the teachers, for all those who believe in work and work for the School. A commendation to all Calabrians who still believe that the value of culture is an important investment. We don’t just want to see them, we want to be by their side.”

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