Precarious school, Barbacci (Cisl): “Competitions every year? Utopia. Uncertainty is an educational emergency” – AUDIO

The July 25 episode of What day is itprogram broadcast on Rai Radio 1 led by Francesca Romana Ceci and Massimo Giraldi, so our director intervened first, Alessandro Giulianiand after the General Secretary of the CISL School Ivana Barbacci on the hot topics related to school and third reopening of institutions in the Covid era.

The issue of uncertainty in the Italian school

The General Secretary of Cisl School, during the interview she focused on the problem of chairs without teachers and insecure staff and criticized the recruitment system. “This is a phenomenon that has become an emergency in terms of sustainability. Against 800,000 heads of consolidated staff, we have 250,000 people who are insecure, who every September 1 are called to fill positions that would be vacant and which could be stabilised. But then in reality there are no teachers who could be employed, because then there are no placements of the competitions in an appropriate way”.


Here is what the solution would be according to the union: “The idea of ​​holding competitions every year, which we have challenged, is a utopian idea. Making a competition in PA and in particular in school takes time, especially if you want to do it properly and not with crosses. We must find a system which we have proposed several times, which we call ‘dual channel.’ A system – continued Barbacci – for appointments and entering the role and for the stabilization that serves to draw on the ranking list of temporary employees who are in any case in the class throughout the beginning of September, also accompanied by a professional qualification operation, which can be an enabling path or an annual specialization course, in such a way that you get to be in the role with all credentials based on both form and substance”.

At least for the general secretary of Cisl School it is not easy to recover from the serious situation, which has been raging for some time: “Unfortunately, it is already late. For years we have repeated that there is an educational emergency. We leave school to the precarious. However, these temporary workers do not have the right to be stabilized. We keep the precariat in a dynamic that must be as stable as possible”.

“So we are seriously harming our children, it is a very serious mistake that needs to be taken care of. There is also the frustration of those who, at 40, are insecure, do not have a stable life plan, cannot build their own professionalism. It affects the quality of the educational offer. With all the good will that a person can put in at a certain time, I think it is legitimate to provide a stabilization path to also provide students with a certainty and a guarantee”, said Barbacci thinking about the consequences of this system.

Covid, back to school and usual lingering issues

During his speech Ivana Barbacci shared his remarks about the upcoming return to school and showed that he agreed with our director’s words Alessandro Giuliani: “Unfortunately, we are faced with problems that have settled in these two years of pandemic that have not been addressed at the root. Therefore, there is a widespread concern regarding the lack of planning for interventions that require both financial resources and sufficient time to be implemented. First of all the transport hub. How do you get to school? Exactly as it has been done for these two years. What has happened has not guaranteed either the distancing or a series of services dedicated to school users. Promiscuity, especially in large cities, risks producing a replication effect of the virus”.

“There is no real overcoming of the emergency which has now become commonplace. At school, the rules were very strict, but there were no structural interventions. Therefore, the spaces remained what we know, the distance between the students was not conceived in terms of needs, but to the needs and what the infrastructure presented to us. We are in the same situation we faced at the beginning of the pandemic. This is very sad in one way and hard to bear because we have not learned much”, concluded the Secretary General of Cisl School.

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