Political elections, it’s head-to-head between Meloni and Letta: whoever wins will be in the government. And another school

The countdown has already begun: there are exactly two months left 25th Septemberwhen the inauguration of the political party that will lead it new government, potentially also in the next five years. That the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi and it dissolution of the chambers they forced political parties to cancel their vacations and organize in a few days the election campaign. With school again among the most suitable sectors to be improved, if not subject to yet another reform. And who will win maybe, never like this time, uncertainty reigns.

The latest opinion polls give as the first pair, brothers of Italy and the Democratic Party, with less than half a point of difference (24.4% and 24% respectively).


The leaders of the two parties themselves are aware of the importance of this precedence: whoever wins the ballot box will probably be assigned by the head of state, with priority, the formation of the next executive power.

The first to notice this are the leaders of the two parties themselves. “The choice in the September 25 election is clear: either us or Meloni,” he said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Lettawhich confirms that the challenge in light of the opinion polls is twofold.

“It is Italy for those who want to stay in Europe, against those who want nationalism,” Letta summed up in an interview with The Republic.

“If Meloni wins, I expect Pillon as family minister and step back on everything, an Italy that makes young people flee”.

What the Democratic Party will do this summer “will be a house-by-house, street-by-street campaign,” Letta announces, quoting Enrico Berlinguer’s last words. The unity parties will be a call for volunteers. “We want to collect 100,000”, explains the secretary, “In August we will be in all the half-deserted cities, in the suburbs, to talk to those who could not go on holiday”. The new political project is called “Italy 27, the end date of the legislative assembly”, they reveal. It is “an open and expansive list: Democrats and progressives”, “in the wake of the forces that have trusted the Draghi government”. But

The Draghi agenda will only be a starting point, Letta points out, and not the coalition program. “In the government of national unity – the secretary explains to them – there was also the league, and therefore in the program there were no measures that we would have liked, such as ius scholae. We want to go much further with work, social justice, fighting inequalities and rights”.

However, it is likely that if the Democratic Party were to prevail, in the end for the school, we will continue on the path that the outgoing minister Patrizio Bianchi started, with the implementation of Law 79 of 2022, therefore with the reforms on the recruitment and training of teachers, plus the whole “package” launched by the NRP.

Regarding the alliances, Letta states that she does not want to draw boundaries and explains that she wants to dialogue with Calenda, Renzi, Di Maio and Speranza.

Even with the ministers who left Forza Italia, who “deserve appreciation”, he was eager to say. If he also referred to Mariastella Gelmini (in open conflict with the FI for succumbing to the pressure of Matteo Salvini) and to Renato Brunetta (who complained about Berlusconi from Annunziata not only for overthrowing the government, but also for repeatedly addressing him as a “dwarf”) is not known.

“I also say that to those who turn up their noses in my house”. There is no room for Cinquestelle instead. In that case, “the common path was interrupted on July 20 and cannot be resumed, it was a point of no return”, the leader tells them: “I had warned Conte that not voting for the first trust would have been the shooting in Sarajevo”.

For a few days, the New York Times has been talking about a possible victory for “an alliance dominated by far-right nationalists and populists”.

Then there are the persistent rumors that the PPI would like, if the right wins, Antonio Tajani as Prime Minister.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Leaguehowever, he reassured the entire coalition: Berlusconi “can aspire to any position”, while for the premiership he confirms the old motto, that is, “the one who gets the most votes indicates the premiership”.

Come on Italywrites Ansa, now has an urgent need to reassure moderate voters and avoid, after the tear on the Draghi government, escaping other figures of the caliber of those of Gelmini and Brunetta, who have returned to the attack.

Meanwhile, the leader of Iv, Matteo Renziannounced on Radio Leopolda that “from 1 to 3 September Leopolda” will be “extraordinary: it starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday”.

“Leopolda – said the former premier – will be opened by the students of the training school, who will be in the front row of the election campaign. This election campaign is not only made by candidates and leaders, but also by people who are not in the front row, because it will be done with a knife between the teeth, even if it is in a calm and peaceful tone.”

On the other hand, the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, does not send them to say: “With the election campaign, the mud machine against me and the brothers of Italy has been restarted, punctual as always”. Expect everything in these weeks as they are aware of impending defeat and will use any means to try and stop us. Whether they succeed or not, it will depend on you,” wrote FdI’s number one on Facebook.

On the same day, the president returned to speak about the problem of lack of security in Milan, after yesterday on social media the video of a bloody beating right in front of Milan’s main train station raged, and a few hours later we witnessed the attack in a couple in a park: the center-right has returned to the attack of Mayor Giuseppe Sala’s leadership, but also of the government. According to Giorgia Meloni, “in Italy there is a huge security problem” as “there is no more time to waste”.

Also at the school, Meloni has repeatedly said that it will be necessary to introduce strong corrective measures, therefore for the ongoing reforms and the management of the European funding of the national reform program we should expect some news. Also important.

Between the two sides, there are already those who try to act as a glue. “The right is already on the field. To Letta and Conte, I say that an effort is needed to build an alliance. If it doesn’t happen, Yes and Green Europe are ready with a clear and coherent platform”, it said National Secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni.

“Attention, on the other hand – continues the leader of the SI – there is a dangerous association: there is the post-fascist right of Meloni, the xenophobic right of Salvini, hyperliberal. He wants the flat tax, that is to take away from those who have little to give to those who have much, he will dismantle public services and sell off common goods”.

Fratoianni is convinced that it is “a right-wing friend of Trump who claimed that if the level of the oceans rises, we will have more houses with sea views, like any drunkard. The right-wing who wants to drill the entire territory, a friend of private health that wants to sell out of the public school, which in terms of civil rights heralds a dark season”.

Finally, he says that “Salvini has already returned to relaunch closed ports. A court that wins can change the constitution by majority vote. We need responsibility”, concluded the national secretary of Si.

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