Novara in September Scarabocchi returns

The fifth edition of the exhibition dedicated to the free and instinctive gesture capable of escaping the control of the mind – the doodle – will be a real party animating the Cortile del Broletto in Novara from September 16 to 18, 2022.


Corners to draw but also to be portrayed, game tables to share fun moments, books to be surprised, continuous bicycle workshops to learn about old crafts and a giant-sized goose game, enrich a rich program of workshops, seminars and experiences for boys and girls , but also for curious people of all ages. Conceived by Doppiozero and the Circolo dei readers Foundation, Scarabocchi is a festival that invites you to put ideas into practice: adults and children are called to measure themselves with colors, pencils and brushes and with their own inner selves to express themselves, their dreams ., charm and desires. All this by experimenting with the scribble: a naive, sincere and sometimes reckless sign that makes room on the white sheet.

The theme at play: numbers and words

After the 2020 edition dedicated to our bodies, deprived – in the year of the pandemic – of sociality, in 2021 the festival proposed a reverse movement: to go out of ourselves to feel part of a larger and deeply connected world, that of nature. In 2022, the invitation to play is therefore a collective call to have fun, joke, have fun and open up to the world. The word game actually comes from the Latin iocu or “joke, joke, pun, joke” and then there is the word ludu from which ludic derives, “game in action” and which refers to the free and joyful aspect of play, free from the rules and related to the free elaboration of the imagination. On the program, from September 16 to 18, speaking engagements and creative workshops keep these two aspects of the game together, in the large artist studio in Cortile del Broletto, with workshops, workshops, shows for adults and children.

Festival guests

Those who draw, play and participate in the festival: Francesco Tullio Altan, father of Pimpa, able to understand the aspects of Italian costume with an icastic intellectual strength; journalist Michele Serra; the child psychologist and psychotherapist Filippo Mittino; biologist and children’s author Chiara Segré, scientific supervisor at the Umberto Veronesi Foundation for the Advancement of Science; the illustrator and story hunter Gabriele Pino; the illustrator, graphic artist and designer Guido Scarabottolo; the writer and screenwriter Francesca Serafini, professor of dramaturgy and author of This is the point, among others. Instructions for using punctuation (Laterza); graphic design teacher and founder of “Sotto Torchio” Bookbinderi printing house Alfredo Ghidelli; the visual designer, illustrator, creator of the Drawing Gross course Alessandro Bonaccorsi; the poet, translator, literary critic and teacher of French literature Valerio Magrelli; the editorial graphic artist, designer and curator of exhibitions and catalogs for the best contemporary illustrators Giovanna Durì; author, illustrator and trainer Nino Ferrara, a writer who believes that writing, reading and illustration provide a disruptive and profitable means of providing sentimental education and prevention of discomfort; graphic designer and calligrapher Alex Barocco; the illustrator with an unmistakable style Olimpia Zagnoli with Valentina Manchia, Ph.D. in semiotics, expert in the dynamics of interaction between verbal and visual; the illustrator Stefano Ricci with the musician Vincenzo Vasi; cartoonists Roberto Gagnor and Stefano Zanchi; Professor of Design Methodology for Visual Communication and Theory and Practice of Perspective Design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and Theory of Perception and Form Psychology at the European Institute of Design in Milan Giuseppe Di Napoli; the artist Ale Puro; the master typographer, expert in bookbinding Lino Gerosa; the philologist Silvia Ferrara; the writer Alessandro Barbaglia with Andrea Cavallini; yoga teacher juggling expert Marco Migliavacca. And again the workshops offered by Den Lille Gule Kasket Bookshop in Biella, between games and adventures; from Abio Novara, working in the pediatric ward; by the Il Tarlo Association, which will bring a cyclotornio to the Cortile del Broletto to make wooden spinning tops; from Novamont, the festival’s partner, to discover Mater-Bi and have fun; from Teatroallosso, to dive into the magical world of the circus.

The gaming party at Broletto Courtyard “You never stop playing”

In every corner of the Cortile del Broletto, in the heart of Novara, Scarabocchi awaits adults and children for games in a continuous cycle, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September. A weekend dedicated to invention and free self-expression, friendship and collaboration, which only playing together can create.

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