in Meldola a film school and a multimedia center

“Filmskolen”, the film school and a cinematic multimedia center, was born in Meldola. The meeting between the culture councilor Michele Drudi and the director Davide Santandrea, founder of the association Meldolese Long Black Veil Productions, was recently held in the municipality of Meldola, which had several proposals as the subject of discussion, which the director made to e.g. municipal administration, that all are summed up in “making Meldola a cinematic city”. Three points were discussed, explains the regsitra, “the support and collaboration for the productions of feature films and short films that have the scene and the main location as Meldola and villages, to improve the city and the territory from a cinematic point of view” .

Film shot in Meldola

In 2022, for example, a total of three films will be shot in the city of Meldola directed by Davide Santandrea. the first was “Join the evil”, a film based on an American comedy that is enjoying great success through projections in some cinemas in Romagna. The second film will instead be shot from August 8 in Meldola and Cervia and tells the story of a non – EU citizen from Senegal looking for work and love in Italy, it is therefore a social, dramatic and sentimental story. Finally, the third film, scheduled for the beginning of October, will be shot between the villages of Castelnuovo and Ricò and is entitled “Join evil 2 “, the sequel to the film currently showing, which will be even more comic than the first.” From 2017 to today – irocrda the director – 5 short films have been shot in Meldola (the man who did not survive the virus, memories, fear of a book, clockwork), 4 feature films (Tramonto, Horror in the wood, Join The Evil), 2 TV series (The Shadow of the Diary and Thirst broadcast on the American channel CW18) and 1 TV program (Beyond the Unknown, program about the mystery in 3 editions from 15 one-hour episodes, broadcast on the digital terrestrial TV channel 7Gold and on the American channel Cw18).

the news

The second point discussed in the municipality concerns the opening of a real film school. The “Film School”, as it was called, is a project proposed by Long Black Veil Productions and Santandrea, which immediately interested the municipality and the Ministry of Culture. “The municipality is interested in finding places to hold the film school’s courses, which are divided into two sectors: an artistic course to become an actor and a technical course to become a cinema operator”, emphasizes Santandrea, who is committed to “finding professionals from the world of cinema who are willing to act as lecturers and professors on the two courses”. The management of the film school will in any case be entrusted to director Santandrea.

The archive

The third point concerns a large film and television archive, the result of 30 years of constant collection and research carried out by the director Santandrea, which gathers 15,000 titles divided between cinema and television. “It is clear that everything collected in accordance with copyright and Siae rules – he is eager to point out -. The idea proposed to the municipality of Meldola is to create a multimedia center, a kind of public cinema video library, where the collected titles can be consulted and viewed for free . from the public through computers, video screens and projections”.

“In fact, all these titles are gathered in the private archive, divided into 8 mm, super 8, 16 mm, 35 mm film, audio-video on magnetic tape, betamax, vhs, DVD and blu-ray, not counting all the films that has already been reported digitally – he continues – This archive certainly has a great cultural and historical value if we believe that television programs have been collected since 1957 (when the Rai programs were officially born in Italy) and a large collection of films and TV series produced over the years in Italy programs such as variety shows, TV quizzes, dramas, TV novels, soap operas, sports programs, games without limits, carousels, commercials, children’s TV (all historical TV programs for children and ) documentaries , talk shows and more. It’s a shame not to make this vast film and television archive available to the public and especially to schools”.

“This project has a great importance attached to schools and education – concludes Santandrea -. During the presentation of the three points, the culture councilor Michele Drudi immediately showed interest, support and cooperation on the three points, starting with approving and supporting the productions. films, filmed in the town of Meldola by Long Black Veil Productions”.

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