IED, thesis projects presented in collaboration with Hyundai

L’European Institute of Design presents in thesis projects of graduates in Transport Design ay 2021/22born from the collaboration with that Hyundai Europe Style Center. Sports vehicles compact, 4 meters long and 40 and powered by a driveline hydrogenable to combine driving pleasure And High performance to one sustainable mobility and oriented towards improving people’s lives.

The challenge from Hyundai to the students was to interpret vision of the brand”Progress for mankind“, or improving people’s lives by making it simpler, safer and more sustainable – through the development of advanced technologies. A constant innovation that not only concerns the product, but the 360° transformation that leads to Hyundai becoming provider of smart mobility solutionsserving people all over the world e sustainable from an environmental, social and economic point of view.

THAT forty three student, from eleven nations and organized in teamresponded to the automaker’s brief by working in synergy under the direction of IED teachers And of Hyundai Europe Style Center, represented by Chief designer Thomas BurklefromHead of Exterior Design Eduardo Ramirezfrom Nicola Danza, Exterior Design Manager and Alumnus IED and from David Varenna, Senior exterior designer.

Young talents make a fundamental contribution – commented Thomas Burkle, Chief designer at Hyundai Europa Style Center. “The innovative and disruptive appearance is able to make the difference, supported by Hyundai’s technological know-how. We are very happy to have once again collaborated with IED Turin, the students interpreted our brief with great commitment and came to develop very interesting solutions and really innovative ideas. Conceiving the design of high-performance models, combining them with an advanced powertrain such as hydrogen, was a great challenge for the children.“.

We are proud of the connection between the European Institute of Design and Hyundai, with whom we celebrate the third collaboration in transport design projects – declares Paola Zini, director of IED Turin. When our students’ abilities to experiment and innovate meet the technological know-how of a company that, like Hyundai, contributes to the training of future designers, we witness experiments that are able to foresee bold solutions for new mobility systems.“.

The proposals were fully developed, i exterior and in interiorstarting from initial study phasebrand and market analysis, style research And sketchinguntil the last stage of 3D modeling And video playback. Of eleven projects presented during the thesis discussions, the client chose HYDRONE_01, ASKYA And AVA, that three projects of greater impact and more in line with the parameters of the assigned brief contributing to creation of prototypes in scale 1:4.

Straight from the metaverse and from a world that draws inspiration from gaming comes HYDRONE_01conceived of Sarah Conte, Emilio Palmieri, Filippo Checcucci And Francesco Pizzitola. A sporty hatchback, dedicated to real driving and video game enthusiasts. Shapes and surfaces with very distinctive theorists create an effect low polygon that between formal inspiration from vintage video games and that rejects everything in a visionary car style. An emptying of the rear not only allows visual lightness, and the dual color emphasizes the two souls of the vehicle.

Designed by Adam Marian Cal, Giorgio Bonetti, Riccardo Seveso And Arthur Brecht Poppe, ASKYA is a two-volume crossover, dedicated to a new concept of sportiness, far away from the world of track racing, but open to new terrain and an exploration of the most unpolluted nature, respecting the environment, thanks to a zero-emission engine and two external integrable cylinders, for long distances.

AVA is the name of the concept car of Pietro Artigiani, Federico Boasso, Luca Orsillo And Nicolò Arici. A very compact one coupe which manages to satisfy the aesthetic needs of sports car enthusiasts, leaving behind the technical components and drivelinethanks to an aerodynamic study and an interesting asymmetric appearance of the front elements, such as the headlights.

A partnership between IED and Hyundai which dates back to 2014, the year of the birth of Short stepthe ultralight sports concept, which originated from the request to the students to design their “dream car“, Presented in 1:1 scale to Geneva Motor Show 2014 and all Fuorisalone in Milan, during Design Week the same year. In 2018, the same events hosted the result of the second collaboration between IED and Hyundai’s European Style Center: the concept Kite. In this case, it was a prototype of dune wagon electric two-seater, futuristic and light, which transforms into a single-seat jet ski, also electrically powered.

The projects in collaboration with Hyundai are carried out by: Andrea Abitino (Italy), Nicolò Arici (Italy), Pietro Artigiani (Italy), Fabio Bauducco (Italy), Federico Boasso (Italy), Paola Boccetti (Italy), Giorgio Bonetti (Italy), Adam Marian Cal (Poland), Giuseppe Catalano (Italy), Filippo Checcucci (Italy), Po-Wei Chen (Taiwan), Sara Conte (Italy), Gregorio Gandolfo (Italy), Abelardo Garcia Torres (Mexico), Jaya Deep Guntaka (India), Danilo Gurato (Italy ) ), Gerardo Iorio (Italy), Hancheng Liu (China), Mihael Maximenko (Israel), Abee Danael Tehaie Meherta (Eritrea), Luca Orsillo (Italy), Emilio Palmieri (Italy), Federico Perotto (Italy), Andrea Piazza ( Italy) ), Alessandro Pilato (Italy), Francesco Pizzitola (Italy), Arthur Brecht Poppe (Belgium), Joaquin Ratto Marcos (Italy), Riccardo Seveso (Italy), Fabio Simeone (Italy), Erik Siviero (Italy), Aadyan Rajesh Sonawne (India), Leonardo Stella (Italy), Hengyang Su (China), Pranavkrishna Subha Ramanand (India), Giovanni Tarizzo (Italy), Katia Tinnirello (Italy), Abhishresht Tyagi (India), Can Luca Christoph Unsal (Turkey), Simone Vernier (China), Wenkang Wang (Taiwan), Po-Hsun Wang (Taiwan), Stefano Zangirolami (Italy), graduates from the three-year course in Transportation Design ay 2021/22 IED Turin, under the guidance of the course coordinator Michele Albera.

That Three-year course in transport design coordinated by Michele Albera

That Special project was coordinated by Fulvio Fantolinospecialist supervisor, and by Michele Albera

Models in scale 1:4 ASKJA, HYDRONE_01 And AVA I am made of, EDAG Italy

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