how to fill out the application to choose a school. Preferences, more general professorships, Law 104. GUIDE TO PICTURES

Entrants to the 2022/23 role posts will submit two separate online applications, the first of which is currently being submitted according to the timing and indications of the relevant USRs. Application “Computerization of agreements in role – Expression of headquarters preferences”: from access to forwarding. Instructions for pictures.

USR Notifications

Procedure for general registrations

The procedure relating to ordinary entry into the role as of 2022/23 is computerized and is divided into two phases:

  1. in Before (in progress), the “Called” aspirants, through Online Instances “, submit the questions for choicein order of preference, of the provinces’ competition class / position type;
  2. in secondagain “through Online Instances”, present questions for choice of the headquarters applicants who have been assigned the provincial class / site type of the competition, at the outcome of the first instance.

Learn more about the computerized procedure – Learn more about recruitment rankings

First application submission. GUIDE TO PICTURES

Submission of application: what steps to take (the article briefly states what steps the aspirant must take to submit the application).

Application for choice of schools

Upon the outcome of the first application, the applicants who have been assigned the provincial class of the competition/place type (and therefore now identified as the recipients of the appointment) are therefore “called” to the presentation ofrequest to select, in order of preference, the places/schools to be allocated.

The application consists of the following sections:

  • Data for the appointment
  • Selection of preferences for the type of support posts
  • Location list
  • Accessibility types
  • Common choice
  • Priority selection of place according to Act 104/92

Once you have completed the sections, you can proceed with the submission of the application.

Below is one pictorial guidance on filling in the application sections and in general on all the steps to be taken: from access to submission (the images used are from the ministerial guidance). To the section “Preferential choice of venue according to Act No. 104/92“We will dedicate a special guide.

Access to the application

The application, as mentioned above, is submitted through an online entity that can be accessed with the SPID, CIE, eIDAS credentials or with those from the reserved area of ​​the Ministry of Education that are valid.

Once you have accessed the personal page of Instanze Online, on the home page scroll to the instance “Computerization of Appointments in the Role – Expression of Seat Preference”, then click on “Go to the Collection”:

An information page is suggested, read which click on “Login”:

The page opens with call rounds and the relative province-class of competition/type of venue in relation to which the candidate was identified in the previous stage (the following are indicated: the call rounds in which to participate; the period for forwarding the application; the province and the body’s state):

As can be seen from the image above, they may have been identified by multiple ranks; the relative applications must all be completed, otherwise you will be processed ex officio for the shifts for which there is no application. To access the compilation, click on “Login” (see previous image); if you are already logged in, the following page opens (by clicking on “View” it is possible to see the data present without being able to change it, while by clicking on “Edit” you can continue with the change/insertion of the data ):

In both cases (first access or previous access), then by clicking directly on “Login” (see image 3 above) or on “Edit” (see previous image), the page displays the personal data and contact information (which can only be seen; to change them, you must access Poli’s user management functions, always in the reserved area of ​​Instances Online); displayed the aforementioned data, click “Next”:

At this stage, the aspirant is asked to choose whether he wants to continue with the submission of the application (therefore with a choice of locations) or renouncing identification and thus entering the role for the specific placement you are applying for:

Waiver of the nomination proposal

The aspirant who intends to resign the appointment ticks the box “No, I renounce my credentials to enter the role“And then click on “Save and Forward”:

The system continues with the forwarding of the application (below we will describe this forwarding in more detail, which is the same in the case of both waiver and participation in the procedure), and the applicant will not participate in the office’s allocation operations , after waiving admission to the role.

Data for the appointment

The aspirant, who intends to participate and therefore continues the procedure, checks the field “Yes, I accept the identification and continue with the application”:

Data for the appointment

After checking the field “Yes, I accept the identification and continue with the application”, the page with the sections of the question will open, the first of which (at the top of the screen) is “Data for the appointment“, Where the province and teaching on entering the role are reported, which should only be displayed:

Selection of preferences for the type of support posts

The section “Selection of preferences by type of support post “, for candidates nominated for support. With the “up and down” arrows, the candidate can indicate the order of preference between the different types of support positions:

Location list

The section called “Location list“, where is it list the schools in order of preference which must be assigned. To enter the locations click on “Add School” (in the following image they are already present as they are entered Before some schools):

The window for searching and accessing schools opens; the system allows you to specify among the search parameters ordinarythat Mechanical code and / 0 la School description. Just go into the Municipality and then click on “Search”:

The system includes all schools in the municipality that relate to the teaching for which the aspirant is identified; to indicate your preference, select the school of interest (you can select and add the schools individually or all together), then click “Select”:

When the insertion operation is completed, click “Close” (previous image); at this point, the aspirant can change the order in which he entered the schools by clicking on the “up and down” arrows located next to each school (he can also delete them by clicking on the trash can):

Accessibility types

The section “Accessibility types“, where the aspirant can indicate (completion is optional) his willingness to accept the post of External Chairs and/or Evening Chairs and/or Prisons and/or European and/or Hospital High Schools by ticking the appropriate boxes:

In the MI guidance it is pointed out that “The list of accessibility types is complete with all optional accessibility features, even if they are not related to the level of education for which they were identified. If availability on one or more types of accessibility is not specified and only one of these types is available on the site, this location will not be assigned to the applicant.

Common choice

This is followed by the section to be completed, “Common choice”, where a municipality in the assigned province must be specified. This municipality, if the specified offices are not available, will be used as the preferred municipality from which to start for the possible allocation of the office seat, according to the neighborhood chain:

Priority selection of place according to Act 104/92

When the aforementioned Municipality is added, teachers who use one of those in Act No. 104/92 can fill in the relevant section and attach the necessary documentation (we will dedicate a special guide to images):

We talked about the priority system in Entries in the role of teachers 2022, priority 104: when they apply, what they are and what must be attached to the application

Submission of application

Once the sections have been completed, the applicant can save the application or save and forward it by clicking on the relevant buttons at the bottom of the page:

By clicking “Save”, the system informs you that the data has been saved and the application has the status “Deposited” (it can be sent at a later time).

Clicking “Save and Forward” (and then continue forwarding) opens the “Privacy Consent” screen:

Have checked the consent and clicked “Confirm” (previous image), the application is forwarded; the system informs about the forwarding and gives some indications, including the e-mail address to which the completed application was sent:

The aspirant can verify the correctness of the operation and the entered data by clicking on “View PDF”, checking whether the instance is inserted in the Online Instances Archive (accessed from the private website) and/or by checking the e-mail to which the instance, as mentioned above, was sent (this is the email address known to the system).

At this point, by clicking on “Back to the roster”, the candidate can continue with the preparation of another application if called for additional appointment rosters (as indicated by the reference USR).

Cancel and resend

If the aspirant intends to change the data entered, after submitting the application, he must proceed to cancel the submission, correct the relevant data and then proceed with a new resubmission (within the prescribed deadlines). For this purpose, the application must be opened again (as indicated above); the following screen will appear where you click “Cancel forwarding”:

Confirmation of cancellation please:

After clicking on “Confirm”, the system informs you about the cancellation:

By clicking on “Edit” (previous image), it is possible to change the relevant data (with the cancellation, the previously entered data is not deleted), and then proceed with a new forwarding (within the set conditions), as illustrated above.

The advice

For information about the procedures, you can write to the address [email protected] (individual response is not guaranteed)

It is possible to interact in the forum for mutual help

It is possible to follow the updates through the tags Entries in role and Supplenze – school rankings

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