Grand-Paradis Electric Days. Three days to try sustainable mobility together

The events of the European Mobilab project also start this year. L’Unité des Communes Valdôtaines Grand-Paradis is again promoting electric mobility through the initiative Grand-Paradis Electric Days. Three days to try sustainable mobility together: Saturday 30 July in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Saturday 6 August in Cogne and Sunday, August 7 in Valsavarenche.

The three municipalities will host trails test drive of electric cars from different car manufacturers with the aim of promoting sustainable mobility and testing the potential of electric vehicles in mountain areas. Citizens and tourists will be able to do that sign up for the free trial and discover the thrill of driving a 100% electric car: there will be a scooter – strictly electric – on display.

Mobility experts will be available on the stand to accompany all members during this innovative experience. They will be able to participate in the challenge all adults in possession of a driving licence, by ordering your shift via this link. The winner will be the one who follows the set path, it will come closest to the shortest driving timeaccording to all safety criteria and the greatest energy savings.

The words of the President of the Unité des Communes Valdôtaines Grand-Paradis Mauro Lucianaz:”The Electric Days season resumes in the Unité Grand-Paradis territory. With The Mobilab project together with MaSMo – Marche Smart Mobility, we divided the event into three days create different meeting and testing moments to experience sustainable mobility. We are sure of the participation and involvement that the initiative can bring, we believe in the importance of making electricity known in mountain areas”.

Electric Day is part of a much wider mobility project, Mobilab, promoted and financed by Interreg VA Alcotra European Program 2014-2020. The project aims to improve the accessibility of the cross-border mountain territory with special attention to all modes of transport that meet sustainability requirements: from on-call buses, to electric bicycles, to car sharing.

The development of the project is carried out by Smart Mobility Brands – MaSMoinnovative start-up from Ancona specialized and competence center at smart mobility which will support Unité Grand-Paradis on this path. To support the event as well Sicav2000 GroupOfficial Aosta Valley and Ecoverso dealer.

Unité des Communes Valdôtaines Grand-Paradis and the municipalities in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Cogne, Valsavarencheinvite everyone to try sustainable mobility during Electric Days!

Poster Grand Paradis Electric Days
Poster Grand Paradis Electric Days

Grand-Paradis Electric Days Program | Mobile app project

Electric test drive: try sustainable mobility and win an electric scooter!

Date: 30 July 2022
Hours: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Location: Notre Dame of Rheme
Inscriptions: on eventbride

Date: 6 August 2022
Hours: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Location: Cogne
Inscriptions: on eventbride

Date: 7 August 2022
Hours: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Location: Valsavarenche
Inscriptions: on eventbride

Awarding the winner: 17.45 (you must be present in person to collect the electric scooter). Details of the rules for awarding and participating in the trial run are available on the registration platform.

Project promoted and financed by the European Interreg VA Alcotra 2014-2020 programme.

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