Fight food waste. Sixth edition of Whirlpool won by a Lazio school

NewTuscia – MILAN – Great success for the sixth edition of Moments not to be wastedthe international educational project for teaching food consumption, promoted by Whirlpool Corporation and made in collaboration with The factorywhich in the school year 2021/22 saw the addition of 872 primary schools throughout Italy for a total of around 23,500 students involved. The project, which focuses on the importance of the value of food and how to avoid waste, ended with the announcement of the winning schools of the national education competition”Talent Kitchen – Your advice against waste”final phase of the project that they reached in total 825 processed sent by the students who agreed to challenge each other in a fun and educational competition.

Launched by Whirlpool and dedicated to children, their families and teachers, Moments not to be wasted ( this year, 335 primary schools in Slovakia, 301 in Great Britain and 296 in Poland also participated.

Three winning schools and two special mentions. The project, which this year revisited the five stages of the food supply chain that brings food from the ground to our tables, ended with the national educational competition “Talent Kitchen – Your advice against waste”, where children have become real anti-waste testimonies. The students have actually come into existence storytellers, illustrators, poets, painters, cooks, presenters, educators, investigative journalists, etc., to tell in an original, creative and fun way how important it is to choose and consume food with social and environmental awareness, to avoid waste as much as possible and to enhance the moments in the kitchen with the whole family and friends.

To win the challengewhich was attended by 252 classes throughout Italy for a total of 825 articles that were subsequently evaluated by a jury of experts, was the children of class 5B at the primary school Caterina Usai in Rome who has made one video testimony very educational, aimed at future students who in the coming years enroll in primary schools, where they collect reflections, nursery rhymes, recipes with the aim of increasing the awareness of subsequent generations about the theme of the value of food and anti-waste. In second place, with the same merit, class 1B of the elementary school Bozzano in Brindisi and 5 (single class) of the elementary school Don Locanetto in Rivoli (Turin) were classified: the first with the creation of nursery rhyme “The story of an ugly but good pear” in which it is explained that food should be chosen on the basis of the “goodness” of the nutritional values ​​and not the outward appearance; the other with a real one investigative journalism where the students, based on world data on food waste, have come to calculate the amount of waste in their school and propose concrete solutions to reduce it.

This year, the jury also wanted to award prizes two special mentions: one at class 3A and 3B at Monte Tabor primary school in Jesi (Ancona) for the ingenuity and creativity in the collection of drawings and children’s rhymes against waste and in favor of recycling objects and appliances (including an imaginary refrigerator that warns when a product is about to expire); the other to 3 (single class) Galileo Galilei-Belvedere Primary School of Pistoia for the “professionalism”, creativity, graphic coherence with which the eco-fable “Valledoro and Fossobuio” was prepared, illustrated (by all children) and laid out, which was also presented in the Sala Maggiore of the Town Hall of Pistoia.

To download the images of the winning entries, click here

The papers developed by the students involved in the educational project show not only remarkable creativity, but also how sensitive and interested children are in learning how to have a conscious and sustainable diet. – he claims Maurizio David SbernaDirector of Communications and Corporate Reputation EMEA for Whirlpool Corporation – We are proud of this project, which represents Whirlpool’s commitment to promoting responsible lifestyles and reducing domestic food waste, targeting the children, the adults of tomorrow, whose enthusiasm can help improve the habits of the whole family“.

As proof of its continued commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to strengthen its support for the fight against waste, Whirlpool for each class attended Talent Kitchen, will make a donation to the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundationsupport organizations in recovering food surpluses and in their redistribution to charitable structures.

After the great success of this edition, Whirlpool, together with La Fabbrica, is already working on the new edition of the project, which can involve more and more schools and countries.

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The project “Moments not to be wasted”. Moments not to be wasted is an educational project dedicated to children, their families and teachers, so that they discover how important it is to give food the right value. During the school year, the students, assisted by their teachers, followed a specific path aimed at deepening the five steps of the food chain: production, procurement, storage, processing and consumption. A journey to discover how food is produced, transported, processed, the resources and work used during this process and how to properly store food at home, as well as deepen the knowledge of some foods and their nutritional properties. Thanks to Moments not to be wasted, children learn the “anti-waste” methods, familiarize themselves with the kitchen and the tools, recognize foods based on seasonality and nutritional balance, and store and recycle food properly with the most appropriate technological tools. For more information about the project Moments not to be wasted:

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