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Sports as a form of education capable of improving health. This could be the slogan of city councilor Mario Dadati, who in the new municipal council in Katia Tarasconi has both the delegation for Sport and for educational services as well as for Wellness. These subjects are intertwined, which run parallel and which together contribute to the formation of the person, understood both as an individual and as a community.

Councilor Dadati, you are a teacher and an athlete and thus embody school and sport, which go hand in hand. What do you intend to do for these two proxies to coincide?

“First of all, it is delegations that are equally important to me that will entail a great responsibility and a great workload, which I will try to carry out to the best of my ability in order to achieve the goals that our council will set itself. The working method will see a continuous confrontation with the operators and protagonists of these two worlds, different but which can interact to give the city greater opportunities for both education and movement. In practice, there are three priorities. As for educational services, the systems must be modernized, made secure and made accessible primarily to schools. – the commissioner continued – but also for associations and society. Then there is the discourse on restructuring the educational institutions, so that we can go the way of creating comprehensive institutions. Finally, I would also like to talk about teaching and teaching work. In recent years, teachers and schools have been inundated, perhaps almost suppressed, by bureaucracy and legislation, and there has been no more talk about how our children and young people should be brought up.”.

During the election campaign, Mayor Tarasconi hosted a personality like Mauro Berruto who spoke to talk about sports facilities. The province of Piacenza managed to receive just under 1.5 million euros to renovate the gyms at the Institute of Agriculture and the building in Viale Dante. From the municipal point of view, are there any opportunities to utilize funds from the NRP?

“Of course yes. At the moment I am taking possession and learning about the projects that have already been approved with the relative funded amount, the ongoing ones and those that have been rejected, and I reserve the right to have an overview before the end of ​​August But as soon as I’m back in operation, that is from August 8 – explained Dadati –, I will coordinate with the province because not only high schools need space, but also junior high schools. And if there is no collaboration and continuous discussion, it will not be possible to meet all the students’ needs.’

In the last two years of the pandemic, many children have stopped playing sports. Today, there are multiple realities coming together to join forces and unite forces and resources. From this point of view, what does it intend to do to make its contribution?

«I would like to prepare a project that has a threefold aim. First of all, that of expanding the base of athletes, which does not necessarily mean competition, but simple movement. WHO has certified that there is a constant lack of movement in all categories of the population, and this lifestyle also affects social costs. Therefore, I will try to involve as many Piacenza sports associations as possible, so that they are available to cooperate with the municipality to open the doors of their facilities to the citizens, naturally subject to agreements. This is to allow the largest number of people to engage in activities aimed at wellness. This will indirectly have a positive impact on the same companies that have experienced a drop in income as a result of the drop in the number of members. The third benefit would be public health and citizen welfare. WHO says we should move for 60 minutes a day, I would like to go in this direction – concluded the commissioner – and together with Piacenza’s associations find the way to increase and improve the number of hours that the citizen devotes to the movement”.

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