Colonoscopy 4.0, Pisan Aou makes school with the disposable robot system

From left: Emanuele Tumino, Premchand Purushothaman and Emanuele Marciano

Pisa, July 25, 2022 – Pisan Aou improves robotic colonoscopy by expanding the sessions with a dedicated diary and clinic in the digestive endoscopy operating unit led by Dr. Emanuele Marciano, who carries out the technological development of the procedure guaranteed by the Endotics system and also to expand the training offer with the training of digestive endoscopy professionals from abroad.

Today, an English doctor inaugurated this new training phase: Dr. Premchand Purushothaman – head of endoscopy at Queen’s Hospital in London – assisted in his training by Dr. Emanuele Tumino in the facility’s dedicated outpatient clinic.

The Endotics system, which has been used at Aoup for several years, is an innovative, high-tech disposable device that allows you to perform a completely painless colonoscopy on an outpatient basis. The procedure is appreciated for its characteristics of extreme safety, greater favor on the part of the patient and ease of use, so that it is also suitable for the needs of different healthcare systems, such as the English one.

Initially, the medical equipment was only aimed at difficult cases (patients with previously unsuccessful traditional colonoscopies). Recently, the team of endoscopists led by Dr. Marciano, along with Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Management (directed by Dr. Domenica Mamone), investigated the costs/benefits of the Endotics robotic system as an alternative to conventional diagnostic colonoscopy (performed under anesthesia) and found that they substantially overlap each other.

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Management Unit has developed the cost analysis – in accordance with the application of Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) methods, an essential and complementary part of the MTV assessments – with the main objective of evaluating the financial sustainability of high health technology, also estimating the consequences of its adoption and diffusion in a specific context characterized by limited availability of resources.

Overall, the results of this study showed that the hospital costs associated with robotic colonoscopy performed with the Endotics system in Aou pisana are comparable to those related to conventional painless colonoscopy.

In the last 2 years, the high number of robotic colonoscopies performed in Aou Pisana (over a thousand), also thanks to the outpatient regime, has further reduced costs and practically eliminated the difference in expenses between the two methods.

Among the advantages of the Endotics system is a reduction of the overall risk to the patient both for the absence of anesthesia (and the resulting related risks) and for the use of the disposable probe that eliminates the risk of infection while maintaining a diagnostic level. accuracy comparable to traditional colonoscopy. In addition, the patient, in addition to accepting it more favorably, does not have to undergo preparatory tests for anesthesia, does not need to be accompanied and immediately regains his autonomy at the end of the examination.

The advantages of the Endotics system have allowed Pisan Aou in recent years, despite all the limitations and difficulties related to the pandemic, to guarantee painless colonoscopy thanks to robotics and at the same time free up precious resources (anesthesiology) for the emergency and Covid intensive departments . All tests performed in the dedicated digestive endoscopy outpatient clinic without the use of anesthesia or reprocessing staff, on patients also from overseas and 44% from outside the province.

There is also a commitment to develop the project of a robotic colonoscopy school inserted in the path of the multidisciplinary Center for Robotic Surgery in Pisan Aou led by Prof. Franca Melfi.

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