Bullying, the mother of the baby from Reggio appeared as a civil party in the lawsuit against the school principal

REGGIO CALABRIA She had to overcome obstacles of all kinds, including a lot of silence, the isolation she faced and even threats, and her battle with Studio3A is not over yet, but today, Monday, July 25, 2022, after six and a half years based on these reprehensible facts, the mother of the Reggio child, at the time of only 9 years, the victim of a series of serious episodes of bullying, had the great satisfaction of being able to become a civil party in the trial against the school principal. The head of the institute, including the province of Reggio Calabria in question, AN, 71, from Bagaladi, now retired, who was not present in the classroom, is accused of the crime of personal injury “because, in his capacity as head of the “educational institution (…) , due to the error that consisted in not preventing the event that it had a legal obligation to prevent, since it did not prepare the proper supervision of the students at the end of the school, did not prevent them from (omission ) attack ( omission), while the latter, when he left the school, was inside the yard waiting for the school bus “to quote the deed by which the public prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, Vittorio Fava, at the end of the preliminary investigations of the criminal case, parallel to the one incardinated at the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office ordered the direct summons for trial before the single judge of the Court of Reggio Calabria, Margherita Berardi.
A violent assault in which four boys were guilty, including a girl, between 10 and 14 years old: two of them held their victim, the third, the oldest, with one of them holding him still, “They hit him with kicks and punches respectively in the back and in the left leg, in collaboration with the girl who threatened him and inflicted on him personal injuries reported by the Emergency Department such as blunt trauma to the left leg and the spine, estimated to be curable in a total of 25 days” to quote the prosecutor’s decree .
To reach these conclusions, however, the road was long because mother Francesca, supported by Studio3A, first of all found herself struggling to prove that what happened was not a fantasy. And that the serious episode, only the latest in a long series of abuses that the victim had been subjected to by some schoolmates, took place, and in the circumstances described by the judge, today there is no longer any doubt, is bitter. the reality also legally established, despite the fact that the institute has always refused before it has intervened to stop these oppressions, in the face of the repeated complaints of the mother, with the consequence that the bullies quickly felt authorized to get their hands, and then even to admit that bullying had ever taken place and also denied evidence of medical findings: the school had even refused the permission requested by the mother to transfer the child who, after being beaten in that school, did not take more left and who, in addition to physical injuries, suffered a deep shock and needed psychological support for a long time to overcome a trauma that still affects him. It took an attestation from the Family Consultancy of the Provincial Health Authority that the child “suffered from anxiety syndrome following various episodes of bullying in class” and that it was deemed “necessary to move to another school complex to avoid subjecting him to a constant stress, with the consequent worsening of the pathology”, because the school relented and it was possible to enroll him in another institute, where another life began for him, albeit with many internal scars.
But the mother did not give up: through the legal consultants Salvatore Agosta and Giuseppe Cilidonio, she relied on Studio 3A-Valore SpA, a company specialized at national level in compensation for damages and in the protection of citizens’ rights, to protect the child and to obtain justice, not only to the violent people who had terrorized and beaten him, but also to their parents and those who had allowed all this by failing to monitor the safety of a student under his responsibility: the school indeed. Through Studio 3A, the woman filed a complaint with the local carabinieri station, with the subsequent opening of the aforementioned two criminal cases, and in the following months she continued to report her case, the laxity of the school, on well-known television programs (photo Parents, teachers and school workers silence and the isolation and intimidation she was subjected to because she had “allowed” herself to “break” that wall.
And justice has taken its course. The prosecutor of the Juvenile Court of Reggio obtained, at the end of the preliminary investigations in 2019, the indictment against AY, now 21, accusing him of having, in competition with three other schoolmates, “with several acts of the same criminal design” , until January 2016 “threatened ” the victim, “told him that they were going to beat him when they left the school”, with “beating him by kicking and punching him” and in the most serious episode of January 27, 2016 “with causing personal injuries considered curable within 25 days “always” with the aggravating circumstance of having acted in several persons and to the detriment of a minor and in and next to a school”. For the other three children under investigation, a sentence was issued where they could not continue, but only because they were under 14 years of age at the time of the disputed circumstances. AY, on the other hand, was almost 15 years old, and on January 21, 2021, the Juvenile Court of Reggio Calabria, presided over by Judge Dr. Mirella Schillaci, him an exemplary sentence for the crimes of injury and beating: one year and six years. months in prison.
A conditional but significant sentence, which the judges reasoned “in view of the continuation and prevalence of the aggravating circumstances contested due to the reduction of the minor age”, gives full credit to the accusatory theses of the young state prosecutor, most recently Angelo Gaglioti, and to the battle carried out all these years from the child’s mother and from Studio3A.
“The truth finally came out: they believed in me and my son. Now I expect the same from the School,” Francesca had commented at the time. And in fact, the juvenile court judgment has also released the related criminal case against the principal, which has now come to trial.
After several postponements, the trial has finally come to life today with the deposition of the mother, who on this occasion has also filed a civil action with the lawyer. Giuseppina Quattrone, who collaborates with Studio3A and who also succeeded in not subjecting the boy to the unimaginable torture of reliving his terrible experience in the courtroom, asks to accept the statements already made in the juvenile court and that the judge monochrome , who was then assigned to the procedure, considered Dr. Daniela Bagnato for more than enough.
Next hearing on September 20, 2022 to take other testimonies, including the students’ teachers and other parents in the class, and then we will quickly approach the verdict. With the hope that even the School, but the one with a capital “S”, will begin to fully accept its responsibility on the compensation front to somehow restore the mother and child for the serious physical and moral harm they may have suffered. The countless requests sent by Studio3A to the Ministry of Education, University and Research and to the Provincial School of Reggio Calabria, competent for the territory, have never actually been found: Miur has never responded, the Usp has simply limited it to “returning “the request to the former school of the boy, who is obviously not the designated subject, to be able to proceed in this direction, even if only because, also to activate its cumulative “accident” policy for physical injuries, it would not even come close to covering the great psychological damage suffered by the minor.

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