Bombs, murder and TikTok, Ponticelli’s war between the dead for revenge, innocent victims and a runaway state

Mamma mia, a car jumped“. These are the words of a motorist who takes the final scene live war. A scene that has become a sad habit in the last 14 months Jumpers, on the eastern outskirts of Naples, where feuding between clans continues despite the arrests. The desire for revenge is too strong to punish excellent murders that happened years ago with the same coin. Too strong the absence of institutionsin an area where public housing continues to be run by criminal groups, recreational activities are rare and the few clubs, like the one where the innocent Ciro Colonna was killed, are run by the Camorra.

Law enforcement activity is too weak, almost always to prosecute because it is understaffed. Circumstances that are passionate aboutsilence of inhabitants, consigned to a doomed fate in some of the city’s suburbs. In fact, there is too much fear to condemn and then find yourself alone after a few pats on the back and some solidarity catwalks from anticamorra professionals.

The bombs continue, thrown at rivals’ homes, placed under cars, thrown from overpasses. The spread continues, even in broad daylight and in crowded streets, where the probability of killing innocent people is not in the least calculated by increasingly crazed, drugged and imprecise gunmen (on the afternoon of July 2 last year in Viale Margherita two scooters with four people on board fired for sixty meters hitting several cars and causing panic).

Inaccurate enough to be laughed at on TikTok, a veritable underworld social megaphone. “You also made the pigeons wear bulletproof vests…“The account read ‘a single bodo flag’ attributed to the De Micco clan, which mocked the four offspring of De Luca Bossa (including a minor)driven off Emmanuel (son of Tonino or sicco De Luca Bossa, who has been in prison for decades), stopped in recent days by the DDA in Naples.

On the night of July 3-4, the De Micco reaction with an ambush took place in via Cleopatra, in Lotto Zero, the De Luca Bossa fort. At least 18 shots were fired near the Eurobet betting center, one of which wounded Francesco Sorrentino, 28, in the left shoulder region. The young man said that while he was with friends, some men got out of an SUV and started shooting wildly at the group.

THE TRAIL OF BLOOD: SIX MURDERS IN 16 MONTHS – The murders continue, six from March 2021 to the present, including the murders of the innocent Antimo Imperatore, guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After months of failed stretches and ambushes, the murderous death trail starts on March 15, 2021 Giulio Fiorentino29 years old attached to De Micco-De Martino, killed on 15 March 2021 in the Fiat district (another young member of the clan, Vincenzo Di Costanzo, was wounded in the ambush). On August 12, it was the turn Salvatore De Martinosaid the 46-year-old boss and warconsidered a top member of De Luca Bossa-Minichini. The execution of the latter, which took place inside the popular blocks of via De Meis with a blow to the face, leads investigators to speculate that it may have been an internal purge of the clan for drug problems.

On 17 September 2021, there was the attempted murder in Volla di Giuseppe Damiano30-year-old associated with the De Luca Bossa family and also stopped in recent days for the stretch in viale Margherita.

MURDERED CARMINE D’ONOFRIO, SON OF THE BOSS – In the night between October 5 and 6, 2021 to die, killed in front of the eyes of her partner, eight months pregnant, was Carmine D’Onofrio, 23 years old with a clean record, but who for several months had discovered the charm of the underworld after coming into contact with his father’s uncles and nephews, it Giuseppe De Luca Bossa (44 years old in prison for extortion for over a year) who had tried to keep him away from that environment. Carmine, considered by the investigators factotum of his cousin Emmanuel De Luca Bossa (arrested a few days ago), would have paid with his life for the insult to the rival clan leader, Marco De Micco. It was the 23-year-old, as crystallized by the police investigation, who threw a bomb in the yard of the boss’s house a week earlier (September 28). The shrapnel from the explosion injured, fortunately not seriously, a woman and her son, who had nothing to do with it. A gesture that Marco De Micco, later arrested, decided to avenge immediately. He had them kidnapped and beaten Giovanni Mignanoassociate of the De Luca Bossa-Minichini-Casella clan, to reveal the name of the perpetrator of the attack: “He was the one who detonated the bomb”.
So, over the course of a few days, they planned the murder of D’Onofrio, which took place via Luigi Crisconio, near his home after parking his Fiat Panda. Despite the presence of his partner, the 23-year-old was covered in a shower of lead: good seven shots (45 mm caliber), all hit.

THE MURDER OF GENNARO MATTEO – Fourth murder of Gennaro Matteo, 35 years old from Cercola, which took place on the evening of December 10, 2021 in Viale Luca Pacioli, in the area between the exit of Strada Statale 162 Dir and Ospedale del Mare, not far from Parti 0.

THE AGGUATO AT THE BOTTOM – The last two deaths came after seven months of apparent calm following a series of arrests in the two clans involved in the feud. It’s July 20, 2020, it’s just after 9 in the morning when Antonio Pipolo27-year-old associated with the De Micco family, presents himself outside ‘low‘where he had moved a few weeks ago Carlo Esposito, 29 years old, with his partner (sister of Ciro Uccella, 23 years old in prison for a year for extortion with the De Martino family). Knock on the door, open Emperor Antimus, a 55-year-old worker known as Robin Hood, who is killed along with Esposito “Kallon”. The murderer is shortly afterwards constituted to the police, shows his willingness to cooperate with the judiciary and is taken to the prosecutor’s office, while the family members are removed from Naples. He tells the investigators that he killed Esposito for financial reasons on the orders of the De Micco clan and that he killed Imperatore by mistake (the investigations will then crystallize the dynamics of the ambush better). A feature of Pipolo, described as a drug addict by the inhabitants of the Fiat district, where the double murder took place and where connected families and followers of De Martino-XX live, all to be rebuilt, but which has already given way to reconstructions on the alleged internal division between the two families. Why did he show up after carrying out an order from the De Micco family?

THE LAST TWO BOMBS AND LIVE VIDEO – A few days after the double murder, on the night between Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July, two bombs exploded a few hours apart. The first in via Virginia Woolf, between Ponticelli and Cercola, in an area considered under the influence of the De Luca Bossa-Casella clan. The bomb, likely placed under an uncensored woman’s Jeep Renegade, also damaged several cars parked nearby. A miracle that the explosion, as documented in a video published on the social channels by regional councilor Francesco Emilio Borrelli, did not involve people and cars passing through at the time. The second episode took place, just two hours later, via Luca Pacioli, near the so-called “Mickey Mouse houses”, a pharmacy area. It appears that the bomb was thrown from a car passing over the overpass. Again there are some damaged cars.

EXCELLENT DERIVATION – Between the arrests, the latest cooperation with the judge in Pipolo and the 36-year-old in recent months Rosario Rolletta called “friariello” (both associated with the De Micco family), two excellent releases should also be noted.

The first concerns Christian Marfella, 28, half-brother of Antonio De Luca Bossa, because he was the son of Teresa De Luca Bossa and Giuseppe Marfella, former head of Pianura in the prison for decades. Marfella Jr. was recently released from prison after about eight years in prison for extortion aggravated by the mafia and is on House arrest.

Christian Marfella and Antonio Minichini, killed at 19

His return to Lotto Zero, especially after the murder of Carmine D’Onofrio, is monitored by investigators. Also because the feud with the De Micco family began in 2013 with the double murder Antonio Minichini And Gennaro CastaldoI, who saw the Naples Court of Assizes of Appeal acquitted last October Salvatore De Micco (brother of Marco and Luigi, the three chiefs of “Bodo”) e Gennaro Volpicelli after they were both sentenced to life in prison for the fatal ambush in the first degree.

Antonio Minichini is the son of Anna De Luca Bossa, 46 years old, (sister of Tonino and Giuseppe) e Ciro Minichini. He would have been killed by mistake at 7 p.m 29 January 2013 while he was, inside the Conocal district, with Gennaro Castaldi21, attached D’Amico clan (that Frauella di Ponticelli) and the actual target of the assassins.

Top left: Anna De Luca Bossa and the three brothers (Salvatore, Luigi and Marco) De Micco. In the middle, the victim Carmine D’Onofrio. Center and lower left Annunziata D’Amico and a tattoo by Michele Minichini in memory of her stepbrother Antonio killed by mistake

The second publication concerns Francesco De Martino (top right of the cover photo), father of Giuseppe, Antonio and Salvatore, the XX of Ponticelli, the latter currently living free in an occupied school. The first two have been in prison for some time with Antonio De Martino held responsible for the murders of Salvatore Solla and Annunziata D’Amico, Passilona del Rione Conocal (sister of bosses Giuseppe and Antonio D’Amico who have been detained for some time) , killed on October 10, 2015.

Top left Giuseppe De Martino, center Francesco De Martino, right Antonio De Martino

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