Barberino Tavarnelle, children moved to kindergarten: the headmaster answers the families

BARBERINO TAVARNELLE – In recent days we published an article in which some parents (32) of children attending the Barberino Tavarnelle kindergarten protested the choice (in merit and method) to move 12 of them to the next school year.

# Barberino Tavarnelle Kindergarten: “Children moved from classrooms like packages”

In this regard, we receive and publish the response from the headmaster of the “Il Passignano” Comprehensive Institute, Paola Salvadori.

After speaking personally with all the parents of the girls and boys in the kindergarten “La Casa del Sole”, who requested it, explaining the didactic-pedagogical (and not organizational) motives which caused the school to make this rebalancing of the sections, I am writing to further clarify some reported inaccuracies.

For the sake of completeness, I will add that I have expressed my personal regrets to the parents the communication errors that have arisen in this phase, which do not, however, change the essential correctness, e.g have to do what has been done.

I state that the formation of the classes is a task that the law imposes on the headmaster.

At the beginning of the school year, it was decided by decision of the teaching staff to set up a commission for the formation of classes whose members are teachers at the three levels of the school, to then submit the proposals to the management.

The commission began to work on forming the classes at the end of June and there, at the time of inserted the new 3-year-olds into the sections, the problems appeared.

So parents were warned with a circular at the end of June that work would be done to get the balance back.

Hence the first inaccuracy: it is not true that this was decided because “due to a programming error” there is a whole department of 4-5 year olds.

Thus, the section was formed two years ago for reasons absolutely unrelated to our programming, which was mainly due to the opening of Marcialla, with the consequent choice of many families to move, or register there.

In addition, of course, there is the health emergency that made us try to reduce the number of girls and children present in the various sections.

Furthermore, in this school year, in the aforementioned section, there was a certificate from L.104 / 92 that there does not require exceeding the number of 22 girls per section; so we couldn’t put one sufficient number of 3-year-old girls.

The 3-year-olds would therefore have been placed mainly in another department, continue to have in the coming sections unbalanced from a didactic point of view.

In fact, our institute has always chosen to have mixed sections by age, to work with verticalization (“the whales” who welcome and “guide” the small fish”) and by age groups, division for some activities the class groups.

2) The second inaccuracy is that “the teachers will be changed for internal needs and not for turnover”.

This is absolutely not true. There is a normal turnover, due to transfers and retirements not yet reinstated in the workforce.

There will be a change of teacher because I want to strengthen a section and therefore to give to all five sections at least one teacher who can guarantee didactic continuity and pedagogical.

3) It has been written that the headmaster wanted to “reassure us because… no matter how the children adapt”.

This was absolutely not my motivation nor were these my words.

I explained to the parents that since 2012, i.e. from the publication of the national curriculum guidelines, Relational continuity (teacher class group) is no longer considered a “value” to be guaranteed, on the contrary, modern pedagogy has seen how it is sometimes essential to interrupt relationships that cause different clichés or demotivation in girls and boys.

In fact, school is often referred to as “luck” or “bad luck” to have had such a teacher or a certain class group.

The protection of relational continuity should only happen and exclusively for children with certification according to L.104 / 92 and for these we know very well how much it is often impossible for us to guarantee that for government choices and policies that do not depend on the school.

The most advanced studies by INDIRE (National Institute for Educational Documentation and Research) go in the direction of breaking down the class groups as much as possible and bringing them together again through activities, projects and moments didactic.

This is to ensure the “open” relationship, the use of innovative learning environments and workshops, the comparison of teachers and finally remove the variable “luck” from school life.

Finally, I told the parents that the adults’ task – therefore primarily the school and them families – must be to help girls and boys overcome life’s obstacles and not one remove them from their path, for life will not.

The school is ready to guide these girls and boys to overcome the initial difficulties of being in groups new and partly with new teachers, I hope families are too.

On this occasion I send my most cverbal greetings and happy holidays.

The head teacher, Professor Paola Salvadori


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