Back to school, Giuliani: “Italian classrooms remained the same in March 2020. Masks are not the real problem” – PODCAST

The July 25 episode of What day is itprogram broadcast on Rai Radio 1 led by Francesca Romana Ceci and Massimo Giraldi, so our director intervened, Alessandro Giulianiand the Secretary General of the CISL School Ivana Barbacci on the hot topics related to school and third reopening of institutions in the Covid era.

School and Covid, uncertainty reigns: still double shift?

Regarding the reopening of Italian schools, our director immediately clarified that, less than two months after the beginning of the school year, Italian managers and teachers are again groping in the dark in the absence, Covid guidelines: “At the moment we have an undefined picture. No guidelines are expected in March. This means that the schools are still not aware of the regulations”.


Giuliani has entered into the question ventilation of the classrooms, summarizes the situation: “There is bitterness over the aerators that have been indicated by the European Commission for the prevention of Covid. The situation is complex and fixed. The Technical Scientific Committee has always dictated the guidelines. However, the CTS was dissolved on March 30 – continued the director – and then the ball went to the Ministry of Health, which, however, has not issued any text on the guidelines to date. In the meantime, about 150 million euros have been earmarked for the aerators. This money remains stable, and moreover, it is a small number. I remember that we in Italy have 42 thousand buildings. If we make an estimate, the aerators can cost between 1000 and 2000 euros, so it would take no less than 600/700 million euros to supply all the classrooms with these units”.

Another sore point is distance in the classroom: “First it was mandatory, then recommended. Also this year we will find ourselves with classes of about 25 students, so considering that the average number of square meters is about 40 meters, it will not be possible to meet the need for a minimum distance of one meter”, he said. Giuliani.

The manager could not fail to mention questions about masks and transport: “There is still uncertainty. Transport was not introduced last year, forcing many schools to opt for the famous ‘double shifts’. These have caused discomfort to many students, forced to return home in the late afternoon”.

Node classrooms and chicken coop classes, the situation remains unchanged

Giuliani tried to predict what will happen in return to school: “I don’t foresee closures looking at the current Covid data. At worst a new double team situation could be foreseen. This is because in 99% of schools we have classrooms that have remained the same as they were before March 2020. The situation is quite homogeneous. There have certainly been virtuous regions, such as the Marches, as well as some small provinces. We tend to say that in the north they are more organized”.

“What was also missing was the upgrading of the classrooms. It is also a sensation that children in large centers continue to go to school full of vehicles. It would be appropriate – our director specified – for the Ministry of Health to provide accurate information. There seems to be a new responsibility: in the draft sent to MI on the guidelines, the principals were indicated as responsible for the management of the aerators. However, things are not like that. The draft was sent back to the sender, it is up to the local authorities to decide”.

Here’s what else Giuliani, one should have intervened: “The money is tight, but it could have been integrated in some way, especially in high schools where the presence of students is greater. I remember that the rules on the formation of classes, which were changed with the last Berlusconi government (Law 133/2008), have stipulated that at least 27 students must form a first class in high school. This could be changed, these numbers could also be reduced through PNRR funds. This was not done. Minister Bianchi had promised to do something about the profit, but the government fell and we don’t know how it will end”.

Our director’s position on the masks

Finally, Giuliani decided on the matter masks: “On the part of the teachers, there is great caution and fear that dangerous situations may arise. Considering we’ve been going to school with a mask for two and a half years, wearing it wouldn’t be a problem in my opinion. The problem is the context, it is the overcrowding in the classes. The mask can be removed when a boy is being interrogated while a teacher is teaching, but basically, precisely because of the conditions that have unfortunately remained unchanged, the mask is currently the only additional defense element with Covid. In my opinion, it cannot be removed and the school year should start again with the mask obligation”, he concluded.

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