7 years in prison for criticizing the death of children in Ukraine

Alluding to minors who died in war or censoring the actions of the Russian armed forces can lead to sentences of up to 15 years in prison or lead to exile.

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Alexei Gorinov will use his birthday – this Monday he turns 61 – in prison. This Moscow district councilor’s crime was to criticize in a municipal plenary assembly organization of an event on the occasion children’s day, when the Russian offensive in Ukraine had already begun.

Alexei Gorinov will spend his birthday in prison on Monday, turning 61

“Please tell me how we can discussing a children’s drawing competition for Children’s Day (…), when children among us are killed every day? For your information, I will tell you that a hundred minors are dead in Ukraine, and there are orphans. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who took part in the Second World War “, were the words that guided the politician to be sentenced to seven years in prison this month.

Days before the plenary session of Krasnoselski district, held on March 17, the law punishing “the discredit of the armed forces” and “the deliberate dissemination of false information“. The rule fell with all its weight on many of the seven politicians who attended that meeting, all well-known personalities in Moscow: Gorinov is in prison.

Elena Kotiónochkina, current president, she had to flee Russia; and councilor (called the district deputy in Russia) Ilia Yashin was sent to custody warning a week ago for a video which he posted on his YouTube channel about the Bucha massacre.

A sentence of years in the shadows hangs over him. Only one city councilor voted for the children’s competition. Gorinov was convicted under Article 207.3 of the Russian Criminal Code, approved on March 4 and which allows for fines imprisonment up to 15 years. The prisoner and his colleague Kotiónochkina, “knowing the illegal and dangerous nature of their actions for society, they pushed the population into a state of anxietyrestlessness and helplessness on the part of the government, motivated by political hatred, with contempt, antipathy and aggression before the authorities of the Russian Federation”, argues the sentence, on 26 pages.

The evidence against the accused, accepted by the Meschhanski District Court, were a pair of Defense Department war reports that defined Russian action in Ukraine as a special operation “And they did not mention the death of children”; an article published by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, María Zajárova, entitled The Operation especially is not the beginning of a war, but its prevention; and the friendship agreements that Vladimir Putin has signed with the self-declared the People’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk (in eastern Ukraine).

To this came the testimony by a recent graduate who said he saw the tape and considered what he said “unfair.” “My grandparents fought against fascism. Define a country that has fought a fascist against fascism is not correct”, reads the testimony gathered in the judgement The Moscow District discussed the competition of the children, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that at least 22 youth and 36 children were killed during the offensive in Ukraine, “Although the real figures are significantly older”, e.g recognized by the organization of which Russia itself is a part.

The evidence against the defendant in Russia was a few war reports from the Ministry of Defense and did not mention the death of children

A search warrant burdens Kotiónochkina. In the recording of the municipal assembly, which is still published on the Internet, the chairman of the plenary warned that her The country was becoming “a fascist state”. The politician proposed to reformulate the competition with the theme “children against the war in Ukraine”, while Gorinov added that all the efforts of civil society “They must aim exclusively at stopping the war and withdrawing Russian troops from Ukraine”.

Sergei Lavrov
Sergei Lavrov – NanoPress.it

“You’re possessed,” he replied the city council member, who then voted to organize the children’s competition. After Gorinov’s conviction, more than two dozen are known Russian lawyers and activists for human rights has published an open letter in which they condemn that the new article of the criminal code and others relate to the discrediting of the army violate the constitution.

In particular, they would undermine recognition ideological and political diversity as the basis of the Russian constitutional order (Article 13 of the Constitution); the freedom to have e.g spread their faith (Article 28); freedom of thought and expression (Article 29) and the prohibition of arbitrary prosecution (Article 54). “A politician cannot be sentenced to prison for presentation its position in the session”, emphasizes Nikolai Rybakov, president of Yábloko, one of the few surviving independent parties in Russia, and asks “Stop the killing of people” in Ukraine.

“We will try to make policy until then there is opportunity, but there are some difficulties. They already killed in the 1990s, even under the government [Boris] Yeltsin, politicians they represented Yábloko for their political actions and for human rights”, he emphasized during the conversation. “This is not a new level, but the logical continuation of everything that has happened so far,” he added. With the new law, giving a statement is dangerous and anyone can be the complainant.

Independent media such as Nóvaya Gazeta they had to delete editorials for describing the military action against Ukraine as a war, and several lawsuits were filed. In April, a teacher from a school in Penza came, in the center of the European part of Russia, she was accused in front of the police by two students who secretly recorded her. She was asked why Russian athletes they couldn’t compete in Europe and he blamed his country.

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