600 children and 11 sports for Coni Educamp in Sabaudia

Sabaudia – The Coni Education Camp at the Sabaudia Navy ended on 22 July. Six weeks, during which 600 children from our area and beyond participated in the multidisciplinary sports center aimed at young people between 6 and 15 years old, who had the opportunity to experiment with different motor, pre-sports and sports activities with methods and innovative training strategies, adapted to different age groups .

“A unique opportunity for our young people, who have the opportunity to learn about and practice many disciplines and thus have the opportunity to find their way around and start sports. All while playing and having fun. The young people are followed by the Technical Sports Pedagogists, graduates in exercise science and/or with specific federal qualifications relative to the proposed activities. This year the sports were: canoeing, rowing, dragon boat, badminton, basketball, volleyball, fencing, taekwondo, judo, handball, football.

We like to vary”, says technical director Marcello Zanda, adding” a camp that aims to seek talent and discourage abandonment. All too often our young people leave the sport because they are not satisfied with the chosen discipline, this way instead they have a week to practice a lot of them and maybe burn for a new one that has never been tried. This serves both to combat the sedentary lifestyle of young people and to seek talent.

Our instructors are actually all federation technicians who, while getting the kids to play sports, always keep an eye on the special condition of someone in the various disciplines to select and guide them in the best possible way”.It was very nice to return to pre-pandemic numbersthis year we still had restrictions on registrations imposed by covid, which we hope to overcome definitively next year, but still managed to get 600 young people to play 11 sports.

Personally, I am very satisfied “says the provincial Coni delegate Alessia Gasbarroni” the children have always left with a smile and asked to be able to come back next year, and that is the best confirmation of having worked well that you can get.. I would like to thank the Sabaudia fleet with Commander Francesco Vittorio Trizza, who hosts us every year in the splendid surroundings of the Piave Barracks, who gives us the facilities, the ownership of the lake in the form of Dr. Anna Scalfati, who has always allowed us to practice the various activities on its waters, Francesca Zito della Asd The Core and Antonio De Crescienzo from Circolo Canottieri Sabaudia, who provides us with the jetties and the dragon boats.

It is only thanks to the friendly accessibility of all of them that Educamp can offer the best to our children. I would also like to thank the newly elected mayor of Sabaudia, Alberto Mosca, for coming to the closing ceremony with the children and showing us the closeness of the new administration and the regional president of the Rowing Federation, Giuseppe Antonucci, who is always present at all our initiatives”. Coni Regional President Riccardo Viola concludes “There are 2 Educamps organized directly by Coni in the Lazio region, Sabaudia and Viterbo, but I would like to remind you that smart educamps are also organized under Coni by selected sports clubs in the area.

In the province of Latina we have 4, distributed from north to south of the territory, so that the children we allow to live multisport weeks exceed a thousand. I would like to thank the Provincial Coni Delegate Alessia Gasbarroni, the Technical Director Marcello Zanda and all the trainers and technicians who look after our camps with commitment and professionalism for the excellent work done.

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