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The Sardinian donut is a typical traditional sweetprepared for generations throughout the island. Two shortbread biscuits and a jam filling are the basic elements to give life to these soft and sugary gastronomic jewels, protagonists of snacks and breakfasts and festive occasions. Accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee, the small cakes, despite their simple ingredients, manage to give each snack a special touch.

But the durability of this recipe is not only duethe importance of taste and the easy preparation: its compound nature enables the cook on duty to playing with flavors and shapes and give body to his imagination by choosing original shapes to model the two pastry slices and the aromas of the inner filling. It is actually not uncommon to find variants that are different from the classic ones flower traditional donut, such as stars, hearts and circular shapes, accompanied by a variety of fillings, ranging from plain jam and marmalade of apricot, cherry, strawberry and berryto arrive at alternative combinations such as a chocolate cream.

But the most important ingredient needed to make soft and delicate treats is that lard: sometimes replaced by butter or margarine, animal fat is the most valuable ally for anyone who wants to try their hand at preparing these delicacies and create a very soft dough, following traditional techniques and customs, learned from the older women of the family.

Homemade donuts: procedure and advice

It is complex to identify a real recipe: every grandmother, aunt, mother of a family keeps and passes on the secrets of donuts, each with original techniques and combinations, creating a gastronomic puzzle from which you can find guidelines from which to start.

By following our advice, you will be able to prepare these delicious desserts at home, approaching the original version. The process is very simple and quick and will give the chef a lot of room to add a pinch of his creativity.

First step of preparation, do Danish: mix 500 g flour with 200 g of sugar, 170 g lard, half a bag of yeast, 2 whole eggs, lemon zest and cinnamon to taste. If you prefer to play with flavors, add a teaspoon of honey, being careful not to overdo it with sweetness, or half a glass of liqueur for a stronger aroma. Be sure that you incorporates the different textures perfectly to avoid the occurrence of lumps e create a smooth ball of doughand let it rest for about twenty minutes in the refrigerator.

It’s time to shape the cookies: roll out the dough on a surface using a rolling pin and choose the shape you want to give your donuts. Be creative with the shapes and don’t be afraid to dare, the important thing is that each pastry consists of two parts with the same design, of the same or different sizes. Prepare your creations, but don’t forget to make a central hole in the top piece, of the thickness you prefer.

The treats are ready for cooking; arrange them on a lined baking tray and let them cook in one oven preheated to 180 °, for about ten minutes.

Your donuts are ready and a delicious smell has spread through the air. After letting them cool, it’s time to spread a generous layer of your favorite jam on the bottom and glue the top twin, allowing some colored stuffing to come out of the hole. ONE final sprinkle of powdered sugar and the dish is ready to enjoy, with a hot drink or fruit juice.

To give your donuts an extra touch of personality, try your hand at it preparation of the marmalade. Choose the fruits you like best, cut them into small pieces and mix them with the sugar and a little lemon juice. Finally, cook the mixture over medium heat until it has the usual gelatinous consistency.

The result will be unique, and you cannot avoid repeating the experience.

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