Telefono Azzurro, Childhood and Adolescence Award to Monsignor Erio Castellucci

Phone Azzurro awards Monsignor Erio Castellucci. The Italian non-profit organization, which has always followed children and young people by the hand through dialogue and continuous intervention in defense of the rights of minors, has awarded Childhood and youth award to Monsignor Erio Castellucci, Vice-President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Abbot of Modena – Nonantola and Bishop of Carpi. The recognition because it “proved to be one of the most attentive personalities in the religious world in carrying out actions and projects aimed at active listening, dialogue and protection of the rights of minors”. The award was given on the occasion of the celebration of 35 years of Telefono Azzurro and the presentation of the Foundation’s social report for 2021, at the hand of Claudia CremoniniExternal Relations Manager for the Cremonini Group and in the presence of the professor Ernesto Caffopresident of Telefono Azzurro and of Carlo Adolfo Porro, rector of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Telefono Azzurro was founded by Ernesto Caffo, professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and was born in 1987 in Bologna to give a concrete answer to “right to be heard“Recognized for the child by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child signed by the UN. 35 years of listening, dialogue and continuous intervention in defense of childrens Rights and which have developed over time, goes away telephone up to all the tools and channels that technology and the digital world has made available to speak the language of the youngest and be present where they are, communicate, learn and grow.

Telefono Azzurro rewards Monsignor Erio Castellucci

“By listening, Telefono Azzurro is committed every day at the forefront of emergency situations and defends the rights of children and young people and provides concrete and effective answers and spread a culture of protection and respect,” says Ernesto Caffo, president of Telefono Azzurro. And he adds: “Listening is the ability to look aheadto anticipate problems and tragedies before they become tragedies, by setting up new intervention models and an ability to network with the various professions that can offer concrete help”.

Among the topics touched on in 35 years of Telefono Azzurro: the fight against abusepedophilia, bullying and cyberbullying up to the support of the children affected by the latest social dramas. Not surprisingly, Telefono Azzurro invites urgent reflection on the negative effects for mental health of minors who experienced the war in Ukraine first hand, without forgetting the psychological consequences after the pandemic on an educational and social level.

Ernesto Caffo, founder and president of Telefono Azzurro
Ernesto Caffo, founder and president of Telefono Azzurro

“Even if the tragedy of the pandemic seems to be receding and sees us focused on the post-emergency situation and the return to a new normal, what is about to end has been a difficult year – comments President Caffo -. Tens of thousands of children and young people now make them explicit and visible wound and the traumas that the situation of uncertainty, pain and upheaval has left deeply engraved in them. Without forgetting the deep wounds on the mental health of the youngest, generated by the conflict in Ukraine, which over time will manifest itself more and more”.

Services from Telefono Azzurro

Telefono Azzurro bases its history and has its roots in the activity of active listening to children and young people, their problems and above all their needs. ONE privileged observatory and a sounding board for the whole society on the issues of protection of children and young people. With its activities, the foundation supports minors every day and protects them from abuse and violence that can affect their well-being and works to provide concrete answers to their requests for help, also through cooperation with institutions, associations and other territorial and international realities.

That Listening and consulting service (Helpline) provides, via the telephone line 1.96.96 and the chat service available from the website, an answer to the needs of children and young people to be listened to, received, believed in and concretely helped. One free space, always available, confidential and secure. Especially the service [email protected] today it is the contact channel used most by young people.

That 114 Child emergency, managed seamlessly by Telefono Azzurro since 2003, it is a multi-channel emergency service of public utility, which in its 18 years of activity has handled over 28,000 emergencies. 114 Childhood Emergency is an available service for those who wish to report emergency situationsrisk and/or prejudice regarding childhood and youth and is available via number 114, the chat on the Foundation’s website.

Since 25 May 2009 – the first International Day for Missing Children – it has 116000, common European number for missing minors. It is a number that concerns Ministry of the Interior which, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding, has transferred its management to Telefono Azzurro since 2009.

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