SCHOOL / The “unholy” and the (good) teachers’ scandalous holidays

“Oh, the teachers’ three-month vacation…”.

Here’s the phrase that almost everyone who doesn’t teach utters at least once a year. Then of course they add: “Not to mention the Christmas and Easter holidays!”.

Possible reactions from teachers

1) Three months have never passed. Eg. a high school teacher called in as commissioner of the “baccalaureate” examinations finishes work in the first half of July and may have to return to school at the end of August for the obligations related to remedial courses and “remedial” examinations .

2) Since they pay us so little…

3) What stopped you from becoming a teacher too?

4) The rest weeks are too few!

Let’s focus on the last answer.

Those who complain about the “three month” vacation show that they have no idea what it means to teach. So when it comes to school, he should be silent in all the languages ​​he knows.

Presumably the psychophysical commitment of those who teach for (at least) nine months a year is not understandable to those who have not tried it. Even academics are unaware of this as their students, despite the general decay of our education system, still have a vague idea of ​​why and how they are in these classrooms.

It is clear that we are talking about professors who take their work seriously. In relation to slackers, one can only repeat the question: when will we get a serious teacher evaluation system?

Those who, like myself, have previously had the “luck” to be thrown into the empty routine of substitutes for two whole school years (remember the amazing team of reinforcements from the Renziana performance?) understand well, on the other hand, physically and mentally fatigue and (excuse the dirty word) spiritual necessary to complete the school year. Decent if possible. More than a tiring job, it’s an all-encompassing experience.

Then of course there is another aspect to emphasize. In the summer, teachers who love their work have the opportunity to explore new avenues. Let’s not talk about update, please. But what joy does it give, for example, to be able to read Dante’s lyrics without interruption? Or Life and destiny or other close classics of literature? (in these cases everyone uses the term “reread”, but we’re not hypocrites, thanks).

And why not devote yourself systematically to listening to the great musicians of the twentieth century (at least), from Gershwin to Dylan?

But if education is about the whole of existence, then summer can be the time to rekindle true relationships with reality in all its aspects. By “real” we simply mean “non-virtual” here. For God’s sake: “Keep it on”, as the book quoted in one of the numbers for the first test of the state exam 2022 claims, the electronic treasure chest that you have in your pocket and you adults also consult continuously (also here : ban on hypocrisy! )

But having a few free weeks to plan visits with people and things relevant to one’s humanity cannot help but help the perspective one faces in the following year.

It is therefore not just a matter of “recharging the batteries”. In this case, perhaps twenty days may be enough.

Having a kind of sabbatical of two months allows you to get the essentials of the teacher’s life and start from there.

Waiting for the red tape to reach us on August 1st as well.

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