SCHOOL | In #Basilicata hiring 626

Sunday 24 July 2022 – The UIL School has prepared an updated guide on criteria and methods for hiring teachers and ATA employees for the academic year 2022-2023 with operational indications for expressing provincial preferences.

The new hires: 94,130 throughout Italy, of which 626 for Basilicata. The lion’s share goes to Lombardy with 22,177 seats for roles, followed by Veneto with 9,920 seats and Piedmont with 9,300 seats. Sheets have been prepared which summarize for the teaching staff and ATA consequences of non-implementation of the employment relationship with reference to any type of substitute for the academic year 2022/23.

“The recruitment system – emphasizes Luigi Veltri, secretary of Uil Scuola Basilicata – has not worked. Some leaderboards are exhausted. The general strike on May 30 was an important signal of protest from the category that found itself in the difficult situation of having to defend their rights on the one hand and the best interests of their students on the other. It was a first step, our mobilization will not stop. We will continue to resist”.

I am 245 in stable jobs recovered from the Uil school in the procedures for placement in the role in place from today. This is the result of a request from Uil Scuola to unlock the reserved seats of the extraordinary competition bis, on all available places, and for which no applications have been submitted from applicants. The Ministry has included in Annex A (operating instructions for entering the role as 2022/23) the part that Uil Scuola has claimed, for which the Regional School Offices must carry out a redetermination of the allocated places (calculated in a larger number) compared to the actually asked questions. The changed positions will thus be used for ordinary entry into the role (Gae / competitions / fast call).

A situation that will immediately make 62 posts in Lombardy, 35 in Veneto and 22 in Lazio useful for new registrations. high school mathematics and physics (A027).

The competition class of computer science and technology (A041) will have 45 seats in Piedmont and 13 in Liguria.

There is satisfaction at the Uil Scuola for an action that has concrete consequences for people: places that risked being lost in the labyrinth of ministerial bureaucracy procedures now, thanks to this change, will be used for resolve critical situations in some regions, e.g entries in the role for competition classes (like mathematics) where the demand is very high.

Regarding the contractual situation, Veltri condemns: the government must finance with new and significant resources the renewal of CCNL, because what ARAN has revealed is not even sufficient to partially recover the purchasing power of wages that have been inactive for over three years. It is not possible for resources, even if insufficient, to be frozen in the availability of the MEF, which continues to reduce them instead of increasing them.
Uil Scuola also noted that the prospect of provided resources did not result in a decrease in the number of intended incentives for teaching staff to forgo applying for a transfer. Furthermore, there are still restrictions that prevent the parties from being able to negotiate freely. A vulnerability that was just reinforced with the conversion into law of DL36 / 2022, which greatly affected the foundation’s resources.
Surreal situation, the one that has taken place, which touches pathological peaks when it comes to the part of the ATA staff who put less than € 10 per month gross available to improve its function. It is more of a humiliation than an improvement.

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