Leclerc on the wall, Verstappen in the lead –

from Daniele Sparisci, sent to Le Castellet

At Le Castellet between Ferrari and Red Bull, Carlos called for a comeback for changing engines

15:37 – lap 18/53 Leclerc screams furiously

“I had the throttle open,” says Leclerc, who then screams very angrily.

15:33 – Lap 17/53 Leclerc on the wall

Charles Leclerc on the wall. Sensational turning point in the French GP. Charles is desperate, he has completely lost his rear in the turns.

15:32 – Lap 17/53 pushes Verstappen

Carlos Sainz climbs fast. The Spaniard from Ferrari is ninth behind Ocon. Meanwhile, Leclerc’s response to Verstappen’s pit stop, who has just passed Norris and is sixth, is awaited.

15:29 – Lap 16/53 Verstappen in the pits

Enter Max Verstappen again to fit the white rubber. The Dutchman returns to seventh behind Lando Norris, Alonso, Russell and Perez.

15:22 – Lap 13/53 Leclerc takes a breath

After a furious chase for Verstappen, Leclerc manages to keep Verstappen at bay and push the gap beyond the second. Behind Sainz is already tenth.

15.17 – Round 9/53 Extreme defense by Leclerc

Verstappen is a stone’s throw from the Ferrari driver, who is trying everything to keep him behind. But he charges with the tires and his lanes are now very wide.

15.13 – Lap 7/53 Verstappen tries

Verstappen tries to attack on the outside of the Signes curve but doesn’t get past. Now he is glued to Leclerc.

15:09 – Giro 4/53 Verstappen is approaching

Max is pushing hard to get Charles into trouble that he can endure for now. Behind Hamilton is already very far away with Perez ready to attack him for third place.

15:06 – Lap 2/53 Leclerc keeps Verstappen behind

Charles leads but Verstappen has a sub-second lead and can use Drs. Sainz is already 15.

15:04 – Let’s go!

Off to the French GP: Leclerc starts well and keeps Verstappen behind in the first corner. Perez overtaken by Hamilton, contact between Tsunoda and Gasly.

14:59 – Finished the formation round

The cars cover the formation lap, so there will be 53 laps for the French GP.

14:59 – Lecerc starts with the middle schools, Sainz with the hard ones

Different choices for the two Ferrari drivers. Carlos from behind aims to delay the first stop. In front they are all average (except Bottas and Gasly).

14:49 – In this heat, the pilots lose up to three kilos

With these temperatures, riders can lose up to 3kg, but there have been worse races from this point of view. Miami this year and Malaysia in the past where it reached over 36C° with very high humidity levels.

14:44 – Emotions for the French anthem in the final at Paul Ricard

In the stands waving the tricolors, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, the two home drivers put their hearts out. Next year we will no longer run races in France, Paul Ricard will try to return to the calendar with a two-year change with another of the historic circuits. Spas are also in danger of being cut.

14:38 – Since 2018 in France, those who have made the pole have always won

The Paul Ricard circuit returned to the calendar four years ago: in three editions (in 2020 he skipped for Covid), the one who started from pole has always won. Last year Max Verstappen.

14:31 – Machines on the web

When the warm-up laps are over, the cars are lined up on the grid. To combat the heat, the riders wear cooling vests, we have seen them many times this season, where at the end of May in Barcelona it reached 33°C.

14.25 – Where can Sainz arrive?

The Spaniard starts from 19th position, penalized for the engine change. The goal is a fourth-fifth place, for the “I would need seven safety cars and two red flags” podium.

14.11 – Warm-up laps started

Machines on the track for the warm-up laps that will form the starting grid. Temperature of 30 ° C and asphalt of 60 ° C, but it will rise quickly.

14:16 – Leclerc alone against two Red Bulls

The first part of the race could be fundamental: Charles could take the same approach as the Austrian, pushing immediately to try to send Verstappen and Perez’s tires into crisis. But he must also think about doing his part to avoid premature wear and tear.

14:05 – The possible strategies

According to Pirelli, the 53 laps could be completed even with a single stop: starting with the intermediate tyre, pit stop between laps 18 and 27 to pass the tough ones to the finish. But the teams seem more oriented towards the two stops: medium-hard-medium. Or medium-hard-hard.

10:36 – 60 degrees on the tarmac

Sunday afternoon at 3pm at Paul Ricard is expected to be 33 degrees Celsius, with a perceived temperature of 36 for the public. On asphalt it could reach 60°. A factor that makes the tire management particularly complete on a very fast track (apart from turn 15, where the drivers brake abruptly below 90 km/h).

10:28 – The starting grid

This is the grid for the twelfth round of the Formula 1 World Championship
1. Charles Leclerc (Mon) Ferrari in 1’30 ”872 with an average of 231.437 km/h
2. Max Verstappen (Ola) Red Bull 1’31” 176
2nd row
3. Sergio Perez (Mex) Red Bull 1’31” 335
4. Lewis Hamilton (Gbr) Mercedes 1’31” 765
3rd row
5. Lando Norris (Gbr) McLaren 1’32” 032
6. George Russell (Gbr) Mercedes 1’32” 131
4th row
7. Fernando Alonso (Spa) Alpine 1’32” 552
8. Yuki Tsunoda (Gia) AlphaTauri 1’32” 780
5th row
9. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus) McLaren 1’32” 922
10. Esteban Ocon (From) Alpine 1’33” 048
6th row
11. Valtteri Bottas (Fine) Alfa Romeo 1’33” 052
12. Sebastian Vettel (German) Aston Martin 1’33” 276
7th row
13. Alexander Albon (Tha) Williams 1’33” 307
14. Pierre Gasly (From) AlphaTauri 1’33” 439
8th row
15. Lance Stroll (Can) Aston Martin 1’33” 439
16. Guanyu Zhou (Cin) Alfa Romeo 1’33” 674
9th row
17. Mick Schumacher (Ger) Haas 1’33” 701
18. Nicholas Latifi (Can) Williams 1’33” 794
10th row
19. Carlos Sainz (Spa) Ferrari 1’31 “081 (penalized)
20. Kevin Magnussen (Dan) Haas 1’32 “649 (penalized)

10:14 – The technical innovations

10:04 – Ferrari and reliability

We talked about Sainz’s punishment: Ferrari has yet to prove that it has overcome the reliability problems it had during the season, the last one: the explosion of the Spaniard’s power unit in Austria during the last Grand Prix.

09:55 – Pole n. 238

For the Maranello team, this is the 238th pole position in Formula 1 – the eighth of the season – while Leclerc is in the sixteenth, seventh of 2022 (allowing him to equal his personal best in 2019).

09:43 – Schedule and channels: switched off at 15

09:34 – Leclerc’s pole, Sainz’s wake

Thanks to a great team effort, Charles Leclerc took pole position in the French GP on Saturday at Paul Ricard de Le Castellet. To achieve this result, Scuderia Ferrari used all its potential, including the precious contribution of Carlos Sainz, who, having introduced the fourth power unit of the season, had to take penalties, made himself available to his teammate in the decisive phase and gave him the track. to help him maximize results.

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