Fishing, boom of women enrolled in the first school in Italy

Organized by Coldiretti Veneto, the training has recently ended. A news aimed at training that brings with it another unprecedented fact: about 40 aspiring fisherwomen registered, against only 12 men

The lessons at the first fishing school in Italy and in Europe organized by Coldiretti Veneto have just ended. A news that points to the training of future fishermen and which brings with it another unprecedented fact: about 40 members were women, against 12 men. Istat data for the 4,016 fishing businesses currently active in Italy, 598 are headed by women (61 headed by women under the age of 35), while it is slightly better for aquaculture, where out of 3,629 active companies are in pink ‘995 (159 those managed by under 35). The training course aims to restore an old profession, but revised in the light of concepts such as habitat conservation, sustainability, tourism improvement.

“Women fundamental to the recovery of the profession”

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“This is a pilot project that has shown the great interest that surrounds this profession – explained the coordinator Sara Morbin – and women appear to be fundamental not only for the recovery of the profession, but also for the management of the generational change. 40 women involved 30 have or will soon have a fundamental role in the management of a business related to fishing and have expressed a desire to receive appropriate training”. The course is therefore attended by wives, companions or daughters of fishermen, but also women who have always looked at fishing with charm and passion as two of the members of Artemisia di Taglio di Po (Rovigo), the only cooperative of female fishermen in Veneto and a of the few found in Italy.

“Ready for the generational transfer”

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“Many are women who in recent years have taken over their husband’s or father’s work and want to be ready for a generational change – Morbin added – it is a traditional profession that you learn from fathers and grandparents who climb into boats from an early age time. So without a school, it risks remaining an option only for children or relatives of fishermen”. Naturally, a group of fisherwomen and businesswomen gave the lesson. Including Chiara Meriti, fisherwoman from Porto San Giorgio (Fermo), who, between one set of nets and another, collects the many pieces of waste she comes across in the sea and takes them ashore, thus helping to clean the sea of ​​plastic. This practice, as well as the type of mesh used with the nets and the period during which the activity at sea is stopped to allow the re-release of the fish, are part of the marine protection activities.

Sonia Barchielli, the only woman in Italy to manage a fish market


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Space also for the story of Sonia Barchielli, director of the Cooperative Labronica Motopescherecci in Livorno and the only woman in Italy to manage a fish market. “The strict rules issued to limit the pandemic have pushed us to refine our ingenuity to allow the auction of the daily catch to continue. – he explains – before the epidemic, 70% of the catch was bought and taken out of region. fishing boats return to port around always possible online immediately with credit card “.

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