Spot repair: The ColorMatic Professional product range is complete

The ColorMatic Professional brand of European Aerosols presents today the VitoMat, the machines for filling pre-filled aerosol cans, but the innovations do not stop there.

ColorMatic Professionalthe product line for spot repairs of European aerosolssuggest for body shops VitoMat filling machineswith paint of the desired types and colors, 400 ml and 150 ml cans already pre-filled with propellant and solvent.

The technology of the VitoMat machines allows a quick and easy filling of cans; in addition, the user can choose between 3 different models, all portable, VitoMat I, II and III, the machine that best meets their needs.

Here are the three models and more…

VitoMat I it is a manual filling machine, it does not require an electrical connection or compressed air for operation and is recommended for filling approx. 20 cans/hour. VitoMat IIon the other hand, it works without power, but with a compressor, and is suitable for around 35 cans/hour.
VitoMat IIIfinally, it also works without electricity and with a compressor, is equipped with a float and is suitable for filling 80 cans/hour.

In particular, VitoMat I and II can be fixed with screws to the table top using the special platewhile, thanks to the adjustable feet, they can quickly be oriented horizontally, which makes work considerably easier and makes them even more stable.

We also specify that in order to work quickly, cleanly and without waste, ColorMatic Professional offers the innovative CleanJector as an essential accessory, especially suitable for those working with small quantities. That is why the CleanJector is designed for the VitoMat I and II models a disposable cylinder, thanks to which it is not necessary to clean the metal cylinder and piston of the machine from paint residues. The plastic accessory, consisting of a cup to be inserted into the metal cylinder and a lid with piston function, allows quick changes of color and type of paint, without having to use solvents for cleaning.

The ColorMatic Professional offer is complete

The ColorMatic Professional catalog also offers various sets of accessories and spare parts for your VitoMat filling machines. VitoMat machines are used for filling pre-filled spray cans, which are also part of the ColorMatic Professional offer.

The cans are pre-filled with propellant and solvent, to which the desired color simply needs to be added for the stain repair. It will be sufficient to identify the color of the paint corresponding to the original color, mix and continue filling, acquisition of a ready-to-use spray can. The pre-filled cans offered by ColorMatic Professional have adjustable heads that allow adjustment of the beam for a more targeted treatment. The use of cans is more practical, clean and economical, especially when the surfaces to be treated are not large, and the use of an airbrush and tintometer would lead to an unnecessary waste of materials and time.

The range of spray cans proposed by ColorMatic Professional for the body repair market can be used with any type of paint: with or without solvent, water-based, two-component with or without catalyst. Thanks to the innovative dispensing technology in the pre-filled cans proposed by ColorMatic Professional, body shops can achieve professional results similar to painting done with a spray gun.

ColorMatic Professional offers the market a unique and complete system of products, machinery, spray cans and accessories in accordance with the strictest European regulations regarding the use of prohibited or restricted substances. In addition, the labels, caps and packaging are made from recyclable material. To find out more about the wide range of products and the company, please visit European Aerosol’s official website.


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