So George, Charlotte and Louis are on summer vacation

P.are the principles GeorgeCharlotte and Louis have started their summer vacation. The last day of school was last week: George, 8, and Charlotte, 6, left their desks at Thomas’s Battersea in London, not far from Kensington Palace, on Friday, July 8. Four-year-old Louis had a two-day holiday benefit: Willcocks Nursery School closed its doors on Wednesday 6 July. George, who is preparing to celebrate his ninth birthday (July 22) has started the summer holidays in an exciting way, debuts at Wimbledontogether with father William and mother Kate Middleton, to watch the men’s final of the tournament. The little one sat in the Royal Box at Center Court and even managed to squeeze the coveted trophy as his family met winner Novak Djokovic.

Now a few months of freedom await the firstborn and his brothers. But how and where should they spend their vacation? Cambridge usually spends a lot of time in the summer Amner Hall, their country house in Norfolk. The children enjoy themselves there, as parents revealed, at to drawto make small crafts, a baking bread, preparing and baking desserts. But most of all they love to play outdoors, surrounded by nature. On the other hand, Kate, who grew up in the English countryside, has made life in the open sky one important principle of education for his children: ‘What do I want them to remember from their childhood? About me doing my homework with them, or about me all going on a trip together, which we might lit a fire and fried some sausages? Here I would like more if they would always remember the moments when we were all out together Beach or there we are wet as babiesor we are back with boots full of water. I want this for them, not a stressful family where they are forced to do everything without really succeeding at anything’.

Kate and William let us take a look at their days in the wild with one video surprisingly released in April 2021 for the 10th wedding anniversary. In the video we see the Dukes and their sons, who they are walking on the beach, they run up a hillthey play, they joke, they climb a tree, they roast marshmallows on an open fire. Happy more than ever.

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After the stay in Amnerhallen, the dukes and their children could again have a few days’ holiday lake area, a national park in north-east England. “Kate revealed it her children love to come here and walk in the hills», said a local, Jack Mumberson, after a visit from Cambridge in 2019.« He also told us that the Lake District is beautiful and that we are really lucky to live so close to the mountains. Another possible destination for the royal family is Isles of Scillywhere the five have been found in August 2020 and 2021. In the small archipelago off the coast of Cornwall Cambridge was photographed while they cycled smiling and relaxed, and greeted the locals, who were nothing. The Isles of Scilly have special significance for William, who thirty-two years ago right there he passed a holiday with the mother Dianathe father Charles and brother Harry. Always among the breathtaking cliffs, clear beaches and transparent waters, William would take his wife Kate under honeymoon in 2011.

For the past two years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cambridge they have chosen to spend their holidays within the kingdom’s borders, leaving the Caribbean paradise of Mustique. But this year they may decide to return to the private island of the Lesser Antilles, where Prince George celebrated both his fifth and sixth birthdays. A Mustique George first appeared in 2014, when he was only six months old: it was his first trip abroad and they were with him Mother Kate and the entire Middleton family. Who knows if it will be the Caribbean paradise that will be the site of his ninth birthday. But Cambridge could also decide to fly to Jordan, a country that has always been very dear to Middleton, which she spent a short time here when she was little. His father Michael was at the time a manager of British Airways and lived in Amman with his family.

Certainly William and Kate, with their children, between August and September they will join Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral, in Scotland. And for sure summer holidays for the little Cambridge children will not be all fun and games. Mum Kate revealed in March last year that her three children during the last school holidays at Anmer Hall, they took care of sheep, goats and lambs. George’s duties included bringing food to the animals. And the future king was excited about to be a breeder. It must be a family affair, as Middleton explained: “In studying my ancestors, I discovered that there was someone who was a goat farmer after World War I.”

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