recreational water therapy for disabled children

Saturday 23 July 2022 – 14:08

Dynamo Camp: recreational water therapy for disabled children

Nigro: For summer 2022 collaboration with Hasbro

Rome, July 23 (askanews) – Every year, in Italy alone, there are more than 10 thousand minors who suffer from serious or chronic diseases. Allowing children with disabilities to try their hand at activities with accessible and ideal equipment to entertain everyone in safety guarantees unique benefits: boys and girls, and thus also their families, experience new stimuli in a moment of play and carefree. It is with this intention that the Super Soakers, the Nerf water blowers, become a tool capable of adding fun to the many children’s guests at the Dynamo Camp headquarters in Limestre (Pistoia), on the edge of an oasis of over 900 hectares associated with WWF where recreational pool therapy has been practiced for over 15 years. Askanews talked about it with Vito Nigro, director of Dynamo Camp.

What does the Dynamo Camp Onlus experience consist of? “The Dynamo Camp experience is an experience of happiness. Dynamo Camp offers free recreational therapy programs for children and teenagers with serious or chronic illnesses. These are children who spend a lot of time in hospital, in connection with a serious illness, or live with a chronic illness for life. Often their childhood is compromised: children do not experience the ease that is typical of childhood, they suffer from severe restrictions on sociality. At the camp, thanks to the Dynamo Recreational Therapy method, which starts with a challenge with themselves, the children are involved by the Dynamo staff to live fun activities and experiences that have never been tried before: climbing, archery, horse riding, playing in the water, radio workshops, art, musicals. With the support of the staff, professional and trained to deal with children with serious illness, and of the group, children win the challenge. This brings happiness and self-esteem, and regains confidence in one’s abilities. Helps cope with illness and life better. In the case of more serious pathologies, such as severe neurological pathologies or rare syndromes, as a doctor from our medical council said, Dynamo Camp offers ‘opportunities for life’ ”.

What are the benefits of recreational therapy in water? “Recreational therapy in water at Dynamo is a special activity. First of all, the water has a temperature of 33 degrees, also suitable for those who, due to specific pathologies, could not enter a regular swimming pool. In addition, the structure is fully accessible, equipped with an access slide that is also suitable for those traveling in wheelchairs. Some children enter a swimming pool for the first time at Dynamo Camp. The benefits can be seen in everyone: There are children with severe neurological diseases who can easily feel in the water. Also, as our activity leader says, when we are immersed in water, you don’t see the differences, for example in motor skills, between people. In the Dynamo pool, it is not important to know how to swim, but to discover the value of water and to feel good. Like any activity at Dynamo Camp, recreational therapy in the water is accessible, inclusive, structured ad hoc by our staff and, above all, fun.”

How does the collaboration with Nerf fit into this context? “Hasbro is a partner in SeriousFun Children’s Network internationally and Dynamo Camp in Italy. In addition to offering support, the company is always looking for fun tools to offer our businesses. So it was with Nerf in the summer of 2022. When we heard about the Nerf donation, we assessed what the right activity could be and located the pool. Here, for the summer of 2022, Nerf is included in water play activities and contributes to the basic ingredient of fun”.


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