Frankenstein Magazine

Certosa Graphic Village, via Giovanni da Udine 45

From 25 to 27 March

Free entry with reservations required at

Frankenstein Magazine, an independent magazine focused on experimental comics and author comics born in Milan, organizes its first exhibition of original plates with around 90 artworks by different authors, different techniques and formats that have appeared on the pages of the magazine over time.

The posters made for Dr. Martens campaign (2021) will be exhibited and a special limited edition catalog will be created.

YZ generation

Certosa Graphic Village, via Giovanni da Udine 45

From 25 to 27 March

Design workshop by Francesco Dondina, coordinated by Sergio Menichelli and Cristiano Bottino / Studio FM

Free entry with reservations required at

Certosa Graphic Village – a new temporary performance space of 3,000 square meters dedicated to contemporary creativity – is hosting “Generazione YZ”, a performance workshop that will involve 10 talented young designers under the age of 30. Coordinated by Sergio Menichelli and Cristiano Bottino from Studio FM Milano will be invited to work during the festival on a special urban graphics project as part of a wider redevelopment and regeneration program promoted by the Certosa District, the new area that is transforming from a production center for an innovation district.


Certosa Graphic Village, via Giovanni da Udine 45

From 25 to 27 March

Free entry with reservations required at

NABA presents “4th BLOCK”, a collection of posters made by graphic designers and creatives from all over the world as part of the initiatives of the Association for Graphic Design 4th BLOCK, based in Kharkiv, one of the cities in Ukraine that currently is under siege. Block 4 is the name of the reactor of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, which exploded in 1986. The posters, collected in the numerous open calls launched by the association in the different years of activity (since 1991), address the delicate issues by means of illustrations and images of an environmental, social and political nature that have returned to be of dramatic relevance to date.

POETRY – POETIC GUERILLA | “Fuck” sculpture

Angelo Accardi relaunches public art in a pop key in support of Save the Children

From March 25 to April 3 at the Certosa Graphic Village, via Giovanni da Udine 45

From 4 to 30 April in BASE, via Bergognone 34

Contemporary artist, exponent of Pop SurrealismAngelo Accardi is known on the international market for his “Misplaced”, environments such as museums, galleries and urban scenes, invaded by colorful ostriches, whose presence in his visionary staging generates a sense of alienation. Accardi is the initiator of a “poetic guerilla” in support of Save the Children: on Friday, March 25, he brings to Milan, Venice and Palermo a monumental sculpture representing the word “FUCK”, ideally forming a trilogy inaugurated by Robert Indiana with his iconic “LOVE” and “HOPE”. In Milan, the sculpture “FUCK” made of enamelled metal (cm. 340 x 210 x 390 h) will be located, from March 25 to April 3, in the Certosa Graphic Village on the occasion of the Milan Graphic Festival. Subsequently, from April 4 to 30, the work will be visible in the courtyard of BASE Milano. The other two examples of “FUCK” will instead be located at Palazzo Balbi Valier overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice and at Villa Bonanno in front of the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo.

From April 6, Angelo Accardi will also be the protagonist of the exhibition “Nonsense Makes Sense” at the Deodato Arte gallery.

Poetic posters

Cucchi patisserie, Corso Genova 1

From 25 to 27 March

Free entry, free while seats last

THAT Poetic posters, by Moreno Gentili, was born in 2000. The reference is Wall Poetry, it is a poem to be posted. The wall is the sacred space in our daily lives, from the home to the workplace, to the café; it is a space for declamation. The first manifesto was NONE, thereafter Stop it2003, when Gentili called 12 contemporary artists to manifest themselves for the environment, from Stefano Arienti to Marina Abramovic, up to the “black” series premiered by Cucchi, in March 2022, in total there are 21. serve her is now re-proposed in this “negative” version, and there are three unpublished: Night, Light And Baudelaire.

Cabaret typography. Letterpress stories

Bonvini 1909, via Tagliavento 1

Until March 31

Free entry, free while seats last

The exhibition, which includes more than fifty original graphic and typographic works produced in the last ten years, intends to document the work of the artistic collective Cabaret Typographie, founded in 2011 by Laura Dal Maso, Mauro De Toffol and Tommaso Pucci. Trained as graphic designers, the three artists create typographic works using movable types and matrices of wood, linoleum and MDF, partly from a personal collection that includes over 100 families of typefaces currently housed in the Atelier of Bonvini1909, where they live. the artists.

Grace Micell: Emotional Eating

Meme Gallery, viale Francesco Crispi 3

From 25 March to 23 April

Tuesday – Friday: free entry, Saturday – Sunday: by appointment (via website, instagram, whatsapp on +39 366 100 7993)

On the occasion of the Milan Graphic Festival, Meme Gallery presents for the first time in Italy, Grace Miceli, illustrator, graphic designer, product and mural designer who lives and works in New York. Thus we come with Grace to our eleventh project, “Emotional Eating”, dealing with the delicate food-anxiety theme. Grace Miceli’s playful, self-reflective and self-deprecating work has been shown in more than 50 galleries and museums around the world, including MoMA, Tate Modern, the White House.

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