Locke & Key: The Golden Age

A new cycle begins. After the excellent results of the graphic novel and the original Netflix TV series – just a few days ago, the streaming platform shared the new images of the third season, the last of the entire cycle, which lands on the screens on August 10 – Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez (with Jay pictures) is back with new and unprecedented adventures for the series Locke & Key: The Golden Age (Magic Press editions, paperback, 264 color pages, 25 euros). The adaptation of the cartoon for the small screen will show the audience the young members of the Locke family as they tackle new challenges, including the biggest threat ever to face them. In the meantime, fans who have been interested in the dark events of the House of Keys – and have wondered where the mysterious keys found by the Locke family come from – can find bread for their teeth in comic books and bookstores.

Locke & Key © 2022 Joe Hill and Idea and Design Works, LLC. The Sandman © 2022 AD. LOCKE & KEY created by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

A new collection of unpublished stories actually tells the origin of the keys over the centuries and the contamination of additional narrative universes, such as the Sandmans (a series that has received numerous awards and accolades over the years, written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics in the United States between 1988 and 1996). Described by the Los Angeles Times as “the greatest epic saga in comic book history,” Sandman is about stories in a profound way. Events that revolve around Dream, among the Seven Eternals, a group of beings that also consist of Fate, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire, and Delusion. These are supernatural entities that not only regulate and condition human life.

Here “Locke & Key” narrates the events of the Locke family, the creator and key holder, who are able to create wonderful things because they are forged with a substance of demonic origin, the whispering iron (in short, nothing to do with it forged ring). by the powerful evil spirit Sauron, the dark lord of Mordor, intent on oppressing all free peoples, told by JRR Tolkien in his epic high fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings). Returning to Sandman and – above all – to “Locke & Key”: The Golden Age (translated by Alessandra Di Luzio and Stefano Formiconi), the idea to unite the two series can be found in the cycle of Gaiman’s work entitled “The season of the mists”, anthology volume published in 1992, published in Italy by Magic Press itself.

In the story, Lucifer leaves the Inferno to dream and gives him (symbolically) an impressively sharp and gnarled key. Hill and Rodriguez therefore decide to recount the circumstances that led to the creation of that key, and in the introduction to “Locke & Key” the first writes: “In Gaiman’s work there was ample room for everything that could dream of. When Gabe and I began designing the adventures for “Locke & Key,” we realized that the keys would give us a similar opportunity to tell a wide variety of stories by experimenting with different genres and styles. We had learned it from Sandman’.

Said and done: precisely with this graphic novel, Hill and Rodriguez recognize this debt to the cult series Gaiman, paying tribute to it through a meeting between the world of “Locke & Key” and the Sandman Universe. To be even more specific, The Golden Age presents the reader with three prequel drinks—Little World, Open the Moon, Goodnight to the Players—that led to the heartbreaking tour de force that began with Marching in Pale Armies. Culminating in the crossover with the aforementioned Sandman Universe of the DC: A casa del diavolo. Five episodes set between World War I and the late 1920s, each offering the reader a perspective on the lives of the Locke family’s ancestors. Who use the incredible keys to face large and small conflicts and try to contain the dark forces.

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