Isola del Giglio: how to experience the place

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On the island of Giglio nature dominates everything, which with a changing soul whips now by wind and storm, now by sun. As the man tries to dominate her, he succeeds in tearing off some strip of land, which for him has a precious but inconstant yield. In all we find the honest, biting typical Tuscan character together with the incredible generosity of a community that reaches out to others. Known to be the island of artists and dolphins, those who visit it, after going down to the marina and walking the narrow streets among the small and colorful houses, can only return there.

The weather on the island of Giglio

Pull anchor and set off, with a calm breeze in your hair: the dream of every weekend, especially if the destination is an island like Giglio, able to offer relaxation, adventure and fun for everyone. Before you pack your bags, however, always look to the sky: the weather on the island of Giglio is fortunately often mild, apart from some particularly unstable periods of the year in winter, therefore devoid of large thermal fluctuations. The sea breeze makes the climate mild even in spring and autumn: April and October are ideal months to visit the place and fully enjoy its authenticity. During the summer, life becomes lively and sparkling, then the island lights up with scents, sounds, colors, at the maximum expression of its energy.

Giglio Island, what to see

The history of Tuscany is alive and present on the island of Giglio and does not make it a seaside resort. It has been inhabited since the Iron Age and is characterized by Etruscan settlements, a people who transported it to the rule of the Romans and to the age of piracy in the waters of the Mediterranean. What to see on the island of Giglio, which crystallizes all this great past? Borgo di Giglio Castello, which is unique in Italy for being located on an island and at the same time surrounded by walls: inside the medieval town creates a suspended atmosphere while offering a panoramic view that ranges from Argentario to the island of Giannutri, always belonging to the Isola del Municipality of Giglio. Between an excursion on foot or by bike and diving dedicated to snorkeling, it is also possible to admire the remains of the Roman villa in Cala del Saraceno, while in the evening attending the famous chamber music festival MusicalGiglio, usually held in July. .

How long does it take to visit Giglio Island?

On vacation, in addition to turning off the smartphone, it would not be a bad idea to leave the watch at home: but it is not always possible to do so while there is a need to plan a trip. So how long does it take to visit Giglio Island? There are those who succeed in one day, but to get a complete, relaxing and unforgettable experience, it is better to stay for a minimum of three to five days.

Isola del Giglio beaches

Legend has it that the pearls of Venus’s necklace, when it broke, fell into the Tyrrhenian Sea and created the seven islands of the Tuscan archipelago, where the granite island of Giglio is also located. Its rugged and rocky shores also provide space for several beaches with coves. On the island of Giglio there are four large beaches, starting with Campese, the largest and most accessible, ideal for families, as well as for lovers of surfing and sailing. Here is a little bit of the nerve center of summer in Giglio, between bathing spots with bars and sunbeds perfect for spending the whole day on the beach, until the aperitif: on the reddish beach, between live music and an excellent cocktail, waiting for the sunset is a must when the sun’s rays reveal Corsica’s profile in the distance.

Next to the harbor there is the Cannelle beach, divided between a bathing establishment and the free area. What characterizes it is the sea that is able to give its best, very clear and full of shades from blue to indigo, in contrast to the white grainy sand. South of Giglio Island is Caldane Beach: yes, what is the most beautiful area of ​​Giglio Island? There are many who claim that it is just this. The island’s smallest bay can be reached by boat or on foot, along a scenic and unpretentious path from Cannelle beach, it is equipped, but there is no bar, so it is better to have at least fresh water and a thermos bag. layout. Among the beaches of the island of Giglio, the one that the inhabitants themselves prefer is located a little outside, to the north, about ten minutes by car: it is Arenella, intimate, sheltered from the wind, rustic and with a sea that shows the whole palette of blue . In high season, the place can be crowded because it is very small, so there is a risk of not finding a place. All the beaches on the island of Giglio are equipped with a lifeguard service.

beaches on the island of Giglio

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Isola del Giglio how to get there

How can you reach the island of Giglio? The main means is the ferry, but to get on board from Porto Santo Stefano it is possible to reach the city by car, on the highway that leads to Tuscany: from the south from Orbetello, while from the north and central Italy by choosing the exit from Albinia. As for Giglio Island and how to get there by train, the closest stop to Porto Santo Stefano is again Orbetello, while the reference airport is Rome Fiumicino. For the island of Giglio, the ferries are present, with their connections, all year round, and the same sailing schedules as the ferries to the island of Giglio always prove to be comfortable and widespread.

How to get around Giglio Island without a car?

Taking the car to such a small island can be inconvenient due to the few paid parking spaces available, as well as an action subject to restrictions at certain times of the year: so how to get around Giglio Island without a car? First of all, it is easy to get around on foot, so it is possible to rent scooters and e-bikes, rely on collective taxis or use the bus lines. In addition, boats with expert staff are available to reach the most beautiful beaches or sail around the island.

giglio island ferry sailing plans

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Isola del Giglio hotel

On the island of Giglio there are hotels for lovers of tradition and luxury, thirteen buildings of this type in total, but not only: on the island of Giglio there are seven B&Bs, while it is possible to contact the local estate agents to find same island Giglio apartments for rent. There is no shortage of campsites, holiday homes and guesthouses.

Giglio Island restaurants

The restaurants on Isola del Giglio are numerous and are concentrated between the port and the areas of the large beaches as well as in the town. Naturally, the cuisine is seasonal, Mediterranean and based on fresh fish. Not to forget, the local vineyards: the native wine is Ansonaco, white and fragrant, whose vines climb heroically on the steep slopes of the island.

Gigli Island Cruise

The scene in the film The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino, where his character observes the wreck of the Costa Concordia stranded on the island of Giglio, ensures that this tragic episode is not swept under the carpet: at the same time, it has demonstrated the greatness and humanity of the local people, in the lead when there was need to lend a hand to the distressed castaways. However, Isola del Giglio is now free of carcasses, so it is possible to experience the sea and the landscape in their usual splendor. You can also organize a cruise between the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, or rather, a mini-cruise with local ferries, including the possibility to also benefit from guided tours and admire the Toscana Archipelago National Park and the Sanctuary of the Whales, an important protected area for fin whales, sperm whales and dolphins.

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