how much does an interior designer cost

For those who have recently purchased one apartment for renovation or simply wants to bring a breath of fresh air into the house where he lives, the advice of an interior designer can undoubtedly be appropriate.

In fact, there is a need for an interior design project that aims to increase the level of room functionality, so that they can be revisited to become more welcoming as well as appealing from an aesthetic point of view. It is undoubtedly a complex task, and precisely for this reason it pays to refer to an interior designer who has experience and who is able to satisfy needs and customer wishes. Each case requires specific solutions that must be tailored.

What an interior designer does

An interior designer’s tasks include fine-tuning the documents necessary to proceed with request for all permissions of the case to institutions. Of course, for a potential customer, it is also advisable to know the amount of the expense to be paid, and it is to understand how to evaluate the estimate of an interior designer on the basis of specific parameters.

That the work of an interior designer it requires constant updating over time, also because it is essential to know what the market has to offer in terms of products and materials. Not only that: you have to pay attention bureaucratic issuesthe regulatory aspects and tax breaks that can be used for renovations, as well as – of course – the latest trends in furniture.

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Interior designers: costs

So what are the costs if you approach an interior designer? There are many points in an offer that must be considered. The initial stage is the one that involves inspection of the rooms, with a needs analysis, and therefore the price for the advice must not be less than 100 euros. It starts from 200 euros, instead of the development of the project, with the presentation of a 3D in-depth

There selection of suppliers and craftsmen it costs on average no less than 100 euros, while the graphic elaborations necessary for the request for authorization generally require an outlay starting from 150 euros. Finally, the coordination of the workers and their supervision costs at least 500 euros, and the budget includes final control with the final paperwork, for an additional 150 euros (minimum). All things considered, a basic estimate of at least 1200 euros.

The expense to be paid

obviously me prices which we have stated are only examples and merely indicative, as each professional has the total power to give the value he believes to the work he does. However, as a starting point, offers should not be evaluated solely taking into account number of the packagebut rather taking into account the quality of the projects that the professional you have decided to contact intends.

Interior designer: how can you save?

By relying on an online interior designer, you have the opportunity to save. This is the service provided by Hackreawhich provides those who wish to design their interior directly online with the support of a professional and experienced interior designer.

The operating mechanism is very simple and is divided into only three phases, thanks to which you can get your interior designed online in 3D by taking advantage of competence of a talented designer. First of all, you communicate the details of the project you have in mind, specify what needs you intend to satisfy and send the current plan of the rooms. Then you can review the project, possibly indicating what is wrong, so that the interior designer can carry out all necessary interventions. At that point, the work can be considered completed when the customer is satisfied with the chosen piece of furniture.

More than 50 projects have already been completed since Hackrea teamwhich includes only the most skilled interior designers who also undergo constant training with the aim of ensuring compliance with the latest trends in the sector.

Why do you need an interior designer?

ONE interior designer, essentially, its job is to spare its customers many of the tedious tasks that they renovate their homes with. It is a professional who can boast of considerable experience in the field the interior design sector responsible for delicate tasks, as it is essential to be able to identify and satisfy the customer’s needs, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also from a style and function point of view.

The overall purpose is to give birth a tailor-made project and tailored to reflect tenants’ tastes, preferences and needs. A project that, in short, is able to improve any space, in accordance with the times and budgets indicated by the clients.

When an interior designer is essential

Work carried out by a construction company cannot be considered a substitute advice which is provided by an interior designer. The fact is that interior designers are able to identify and propose solutions that are in line with the client’s preferences and at the same time optimize all the interventions necessary to guarantee the greatest possible savings on the works, both in financial terms and in relation to timing.

The best interior designers are aware of the complexity behind describing and defining one renovation project. Therefore, they are able to make graphic drawings that are useful for understanding both what the final result of the work will be and how the various phases will develop.

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