electric cars 5 best economic models with great autonomy

From Fiat to Peugeot: here are the 5 electric cars with an excellent ratio between price and range. Let’s find out which models are most convenient!

Give her city ​​car on sedanstoday there are many models on the market electric cars for one green mobility and sustainable. Here is our list of 5 cars (plus a few honorable mentions) with many miles off autonomy, fast charging And price competitive…

  • Skoda Citigo and IV (260 km autonomy)
  • Fiat 500 electric (320 km range)
  • Opel Corsa-e (340 km range)
  • Renault Zoe (395 km autonomy)
  • Peugeot e-208 (340 km range)

Economical electric cars

Skoda Citigo IV

With a price from 22,300 euros it is considered one of the cheapest green cars on the market. With a luggage compartment of 250 liters and 4 seats, it looks like a very agile e comfortable car, soundproofed even in the most uneven sections. The electric motor is supported by a 36 KWh lithium-ion battery, which guarantees autonomy up to 260 kilometers in WLTP cycle. It doesn’t look like the top of your home, it’s actually turned onautonomy from the largest Enyaq iV to a cost almost twice as much though!

Fiat 500 electric

Fiat 500 electric version

With a starting price of €26,300exclusive incentives, the heir green of the Torino brand is presented as one of the most economic and performance electric cars In circulation. Can drive 320 km in WLTP cyclewhen more than 400 km in the city circuit with only one charging. There car is equipped with various systems of driving assistance, including emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Low-cost maintenance reduces costs, it reduces over 35% of expenses, making it truly one of the cheapest electric cars in Italy.

Opel Corsa-e

Spacious 5 seats with a price starting from €32,400 looks like one of the most comfortable and balanced among them electric cars financial reach. In the WLTP cycle, it has a range of 340 km and a fast charging 80% in just 30 minutes. The sporty and captivating design, the digital instrumentation and the automatic climate control included in standard equipmentmaking this car one of the best electric cars in the current car scene.

Renault Zoe

Starting from the figure €32,900 without government incentives, the updated version of Zoe ranks as one of the best electric cars In circulation. This small electric car allows you to achieve 395 km in the WLTP cycle when peaks on 580 km in economics. With a pleasant and quiet ride, comfort and safety are guaranteed parking sensors anterior and posterior, occurs al top of the range. It’s a perfect city car!

Fifth model: Peugeot e-208

The Allure version starts from the figure on €33,600 up to €5,000 for the more efficient GT version. Fast and silent, this small electric car does not differ much from the standard version of the 208. Its green drive makes it easy to reach 340 km autonomy in the WLTP cycle, thanks to a 50 Kwh battery. Despite the size of the battery pack, the space remains unchanged compared to the petrol variant, and thanks to the electric motor you can reach maximum speeds at 150 km/h in a silent and satisfying manner.

Cheap electric cars, honorable mention

Xev Yo-Yo

Could not miss an honorable mention for a gem appreciated by all fans of compact cars. With a super competitive price €15,100, this car of Chinese origin with an attractive design and bright colors, has begun to populate city centers around the world. Made in an innovative way with techniques such as 3d printing, this two-seater electric minicar aims to challenge the industry leader. An autonomy limited to 150 km and an easily removable and replaceable battery compartment thanks to the Battery Swapping System, make it the perfect city car for the city space. The technology is also interesting Keyless entry which allows the driver to enter the car without keys and immerse himself in a new silent driving dimension.

Tesla Model 3

We could not fail to include the most famous of electric cars, author of the push towardselectrification of transport. With its smooth and characteristic shapes, it stands out from its competitors, however, with a list price 50,000 euros (not really available to everyone). The edition Long Range it has an autonomy that exceeds 460 km in WLTP but which also reaches the urban space to transcend 520 km. Thanks to Ultra Fast Charge, it is possible to recharge the 75 kWh battery up to 80% in just 25 minutes. The brand has always been synonymous with comfort, in fact the 540-litre luggage compartment hits a spacious and elegant space for passengers, which thanks to perfect sound insulation appears like a journey immersed in a bubble.

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