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Yesterday, such as on July 21, 2022, an exciting integration project was completed, which took place at the IPEOA “Michele Lecce” headquarters, Istituto Alberghiero, based in Manfredonia and San Giovanni Rotondo. “A project aimed at integration, said Professor Luigi Talienti, Rector, not to be considered an added value, but a normal one. Because of course, if it was considered an added value, one would inevitably be discriminated against. And we must not discriminate against anyone.

This value must regulate our daily school life and our well-being, because the first goal, the common benefit of our community, is to have a good time together, beyond any barrier that may be created or oppose this well-being. The integration process lasted 200 hours, from the start date of April 8 of this year, until its completion, precisely yesterday. The children were engaged in laboratory activities, as our school does not need to invent anything, except to welcome according to what are the characteristics that belong to it.

Therefore, they did cooking workshops, reception, reception, legality, sports workshops. Activities that have seen them fully engaged. I am proud to know that together with the MEDRA company operating in the territory of San Giovanni Rotondo, they have obtained a certification related to HCCP. Therefore, through these laboratory activities, they have acquired skills and competences which they can ultimately use immediately on the labor market. It was a course that enriched us with emotions and joys.

A shared course which gave the children the opportunity to develop a sincere and lasting devotion to the school. Now the hope is that they can continue their studies. And in this sense, I suggested, as principal, but above all as a teacher, still rooted in his previous experience, as a CPA1 teacher, that they follow or begin their studies at CPA1 Foggia, with which there is a network agreement, according to presidential decree 263/12 and then return to us, after attending the second teaching period, to obtain the diploma.

An articulated and complex course of study that must inevitably reach its physiological end. Of course, a special thanks goes to the QUASAR association in Putignano, which, together with the regional school office, presented this project and completed the allocation of an ad hoc funding for its realization. Which our school has hosted with immense joy because it responds to the goals and objectives set out in the PTOF and therefore in line with our training initiatives. This project has also seen its implementation through the pragmatic and concrete realization of a social pedagogic pact. In fact, it was achieved through the formalized synergy with the municipal administration, which transformed itself not just into a school service, but into a service provided to the area.

The school’s administration immediately informed the extraordinary reception centers, such as CAS in San Matteo and CAS Matrix, for the purpose of recruiting students. To all the professionals in the aforementioned works, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks because they have been the architects of an active, proactive and not occasional participation. They followed the children, sensitized them and made them protagonists in their learning path. And integration passes through these phases and aspects. My loving thanks go to the leaders of CAS, on whom I have been very insistent in everyday life, precisely to stimulate an active frequency. We have also established a relationship between us which is not only professional, but a fruitful synergy has been created at the territorial level.

As I have always believed, from the first moment I crossed the threshold of this school community: from third sector associations to local authorities, for a safer and more advanced school. In addition to a friendly relationship, which has as a horizon the realization of many other joint initiatives. The school must function as a driving force for synergistic collaborations within the area. As it is, it is a formal socialization agency and the process of cultural revival starts right from the school desks.

Our beloved children represent our future and our projection over time. Therefore, on a prognostic level, in order to anticipate a better future, we must begin to have careful and prudent care, on a daily basis. It is clear that this care must go beyond school hours and beyond the school. The teaching does not have a typical place to take place. It is practiced wherever there is a need to internalize civic, moral, ethical and legal values. I sincerely hope that the IPEOA “Michele Lecce” can become the protagonist of many other initiatives in the area, to exercise a training action of quality and depth.

Heartfelt thanks also go to all the school staff: school collaborators, administrative and technical assistants, tutors and teachers who supported these laboratory activities. But also to the students who are regularly enrolled in this school, who have received with love and affection these children who have arrived, almost at the end of the school year.

Therefore, the integration protocols have been fully respected and, above all, good interpersonal relationships have been created that will never leave these young people … but on the contrary, they will be useful in the continuation of their experience in our territory. The pain of leaving their mother house is enormous.. but here, in addition to the relocation, they have to find a good mother who knows how to take care of her new children. The world is wonderful, life is wonderful, and it is unique… and we must live under the banner of uniqueness by sharing values ​​without imagining that we must create harmful differentiations for many, if not all.

Of course, the summary of the course fell in the middle of the summer period, which means that the school has to exceed the deadline set at the end of the school year in order to keep up with the new one. In addition, as part of the project activity at the branch office in Manfredonia, a psychological support desk and one for cultural communication were set up during the school year.

It has been an articulate and complex journey and today, with immense pride, as a person in love with his work and with the school and the field in which I work, I am deeply moved. And emotions are one of the most deeply rooted human aspects of our wonderful profession. We lived a beautiful story … a school story … A story about LIFE.”

Giulia Rita D’Onofrio

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