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Senigallia 23/07/2022 – The town of Senigallia has a long and rich history dating back to the 4th century BC. Over the years, Senigallia has become a famous tourist destination. Most tourists come to enjoy the velvet beaches and play in the warm sea.

But the port city has many old structures that are worth seeing. Architecture lovers and history buffs will love exploring the many old buildings and historic sites.

When visiting Senigallia, these 10 places should be at the top of your must-see list. Before you leave on your holiday, we recommend that you rent a car www.autoprio.itso you can also visit the area around the city.

1. Rocca Roveresca of Senigallia

The most visited place in Senigallia is Rocca Roveresca (HERE find our article where we talk about it in depth). The impressive structure began as a square tower built in the 4th century. Over the centuries it has seen wars, invasions and signs of ageing.

At one point the structure was used as a prison and you can still see some of the writings on the walls left behind by the inmates. During the Second World War, the nuns of the Protectorate of San Giuseppe rented the castle to house the many orphans created by the war. The main building was renovated again in 1953.

Today, the castle is used as a museum to document Senigallia’s long history. Music and art festivals are also held here at different times of the year. The castle is open to the public and walking tours are available.

2. Advertising Forum

Foro Annonario is located in the center of Senigallia. Built in 1834 in a neoclassical style, the circular structure has many beautiful columns. Foro Annonario was built to expand the commercial space within the city’s oldest walls.

Local farmers still come to sell their fruit and vegetables here. When you walk through the market, you will find products that are not available in the supermarket. Stop at one of the wine or food shops and enjoy your purchase sitting under the many columns that overlook the building.

3. Penelope

If you travel to Senigallia with your loved one, don’t forget to visit Penelope. This beautiful sculpture is located at the end of the Porto di Levante pier. Many people refer to Penelope as “The Little Mermaid of Senigallia”.

The sculpture depicts a woman rising from the sea. She is waiting on the dock for her lover to come home to her. Over the years, it has become customary for lovers to add a padlock to the many chained to the statue to represent their unbreakable love for each other.

4. The Cross Church

The Cross Church is a stunning cathedral dating back to 1608. Don’t be put off by the sober exterior. The interior reflects many of the Baroque features used during the Renaissance.

Inside you will find a beautifully detailed ceiling with the symbols of the cross and the Eucharist. The high altar is draped with a gold embroidered tabernacle. Around it are six other altars containing religious works dating back to between 1600 and 1700.

5. Palazzo del Duca and Fontana delle Anatre

In front of Rocca Roveresca are the Palazzo del Duca and the Fontana delle Anatre. The fountain has become a favorite place to relax for locals and tourists alike.

In the hot summer months you will find children playing in the square.

6. Herculaneum arcades

Along the right bank of the Misa River is Portici Ercolani. The portico was built to house the many merchants who would come to the Maddalena fair to sell their wares.

One of the most interesting features of the portico is the 126 arches made with white Istrian stone.

Some shops are still open, but during the month of August the market is quite full for the fair.

7. San Pietro Apostolo Cathedral

There Cathedral of the Apostle Peter it has been rebuilt several times over the years. The original structure was built in 1530 on Town Hall Square. During the division of the parish at the end of the 17th century, the cathedral was rebuilt in its current position.

Due to many earthquakes over the years, the cathedral has undergone 5 renovations. If you love visiting old churches, don’t miss this one. Inside there are many religious artworks and sacred symbols dating back to 590 AD

8. Church of the Madonna del Carmine

Built by the Carmelite Fathers in 1628, the Church of the Madonna del Carmine, like many buildings in Senigallia, has undergone more than a few renovations.

The church was originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to San Biagio Mártire. When the congregation became too large for the church, it was rebuilt again in 1745. A cloister was added and the church was rededicated, but this time dedicated to Our Lady of Carmel.

Like many churches built in the 18th century, the color scheme is primarily red and gold.

9. Rotonda a Mare

The Rotonda a Mare was first built at the end of the 19th century. When Vincenzo Ghinelli designed the first structure, it was built entirely of wood. The rotunda was later moved in 1933 and rebuilt with more resistant materials to withstand time and bad weather.

La Rotonda became famous for its musical performances. During the Second World War it was used as a warehouse. After the war it returned to attract local Italian musicians and tourists.

10. Cancelli Church

The Chiesa dei Cancelli, or Church of the Doors, was first built in the early 16th century.

The architecture is typical of that period. While the original structure still stands, services no longer take place there. Today, the building is used as an auditorium or concert hall.

The church has become one of Senigallia’s cultural centers with concerts, dance concerts and other forms of entertainment.

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