The design gallery is a playground of zoomorphic extravaganzas

The formal and conceptual study of playground as a place-non-place to be transposed (also) to the domestic space is the passion modern design. Dreamy, visionary, sometimes childish, the small-scale project draws on play – and its paradigms – to restore informal and relaxed atmospheres, indoor and outdoor spaces, where the playful feature lends itself to the functionality of industrial furniture as an element of recognition and perfect symbiosis between object and everyday life. To amuse everyone, therefore zoomorphic silhouettes which imitate the commonest animals in their features, often maintaining their real proportions, sometimes exaggerating or diminishing them. The result is one new generation of furniture and objects, inspired by the inhabitants of nature, who delight in invading normality to destroy it. Recreating a whole new world where the imaginative impossible becomes tangible reality.

The unusual sofas from Atelier Biagetti

Alessandro Saletta, DSL Studio

Protagonists in one of the most spectacular installations of FuoriSalone 2022, Pet Therapy, the giant cats of Atelier Biagetti underminehabits in the home, consecrates a series of colossal objects designed for emotional comfort. The playful and welcoming scenario imagined by Laura Baldassari and Alberto Biagetti, supported by their daughter Altea’s sharp observational spirit, therefore designs a kind of playground (also) in the open, for young and old, where the funny feline sculptures, they fulfill the meaning of A modern haven. Micia in particular is “a snoozing stool” and Principessa a “chaise longue for relaxing in the sun”.

Elephant outdoor chair from Kristalia

elephant kristalia outdoor chair

Courtesy Photo Kristalia

Less explicit in form, Kristalia’s Elephant outdoor chair reinterprets the shape of a pachyderm. Designed by Neuland, the outdoor seat is composed of a rigid polyurethane shell, available in different colors, which appears to trace the animal’s large side ears. Light and inviting, with a steel structure painted with epoxy powder, the armchair is therefore available in a four-legged version, a sled base or in a lounge configuration, equipped with a removable cushion, in a round or shaped version.

The Money Hanger by BD Barcelona

ape hanger, bd barcelona

Courtesy Photo BD Barcelona

The BD Barcelona Monkey collection is enriched with a new element: a nice coat rack. Ideal interior decoration accessory for the entrance hall, the floor hanger designed by Jaime Hayon nods to the cartoon aesthetic to provide the right greeting next to the door. “For me, when I come home and hang up my jacket, there is nothing better than seeing this monkey waiting with a smile for a banana to drop soon,” said the designer. “This touch of humor makes me happy even when it’s time to go out.” Made of wood stained in the same shade as the base, in gray and black, the crutch culminates with a series of fruit-shaped hooks that can be mounted directly on the wall.

The Kroko armchair from Slide

croco armchair, slide

Courtesy Photo Slide

Living outdoors with irony is one of the privileges of the new Slide project, signed by Marcantonio, invited to collaborate by Marco Colonna Romano, CEO of the company. After they both admitted a certain passion for African art, the result was a collection presented, in addition to 100% recycled or recycled polyethylene, in a new bio-polyethylene made from sugarcane. In particular, Kroko, a lounge chair that also fell in the two-person version, is an industrial work that mentions volume and the representation of sculpture. “I sought a synthesis that preserved the characteristic elements of the crocodile, the mouth and the tail, to which I decided to leave two functions: the tail becomes the backrest, and the mouth is a magazine holder, a recess in which to insert the towel, a tennis racket, “explained the designer. “It was a long but fun job of subtraction and identification.”

The sparrow lamp from Seletti

sparrow lamp, seletti

Courtesy Photo Seletti

Marcantonio, now famous for his fantastic bestiary rendered between art and nature, he is also the author of one of Seletti’s novelties from 2022: Sparrow. After a series of extravagant and exotic animals, now join the lighting game, as the name suggests, a sparrow: a small, light and fast bird that brings with it the carefree nature of spring and the lightness of the future. Sparrow Lamp thus reinterprets the dynamism and beauty of nature: the collection, which includes clamp lamps and wall lamps, both in three versions Landing, Leave And Cruisingexpresses the vitality of the sparrows’ flight, evokes their movement and brings a light full of magic to any environment.

Qeeboo interior design objects

furniture items, qeeboo

Courtesy photo Qeeboo

Finally, another collection presented in the Salone del Mobile.Milano days, the new series of furniture objects by Qeeboo inaugurates for the company the first creative collaboration in which it reinterprets its most famous pieces. Marco Oggiana multidisciplinary artist and designer born in 1990, has created a special polychrome graphic – as well as a family of furniture accessories and shaped rugs – to recreate Stefano Giovannoni’s cult, from the teddy bear to the Rabbit XS rabbit.

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