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The drawings were sent by the institutes in the city and region of Vinnytsia in Ukraine to the Sos Bambino International Adoption Aps Association in Vicenza as a thank you for the help received. Now an exhibition and a collection

Two children’s faces emerge from the rubble of a demolished building. Wide eyes, pits of pain. A little girl walks among the gold in a wheat field, holding a rifle steady. Russian army planes fly into colored houses, but an umbrella acts as a shield. And a rainbow emerges. A soldier in camouflage holds a kitten saved from death in his arms. The war in Ukraine, as seen by boys and girls. the exhibition With my eyes. Ukrainian girls and boys draw war at the San Gaetano Cultural Center in Padua until August 31. Around the rain 300 works of art of different sizes and materials, with which Ukrainian girls, boys and teenagers from the Vinnytsia orphanage in central Ukraine, they told about the war. The umbrella that protects against bombs from which the rainbow emerges, the drawing also became the poster of the exhibition. We want peace, the children write on the drawings. And again: Everything will be fine Ukraine, We have enough, stop the war, The Ukrainian army protects us. But the phrase that most often recurs in the writings of the little ones, translated for the exhibition by Kateryna Rozdymakha, Children for Peace.

The drawings were sent by the institutes of the city and region of Vinnytsia toSos Bambino International Adoption APS Association of Vicenza, as thanks for what they have received, clothing, food, sanitary materials, medicine. Under the bombs, with the wail of sirens marking the days, surrounded by rubble and death, what do the little ones feel and what do they think? The drawing helps them work through anxiety and suffering. And here on the white sheet feelings, hopes, feelings: a big heart with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, yellow and blue; the face of a girl crying as bombs fall; an armed soldier, in the background his family and children protected by an angel. Next to the drawings, writers and writers from the Northeast have composed short author texts, reflections awakened by the children’s works: Chiara Briani, Matteo Bussola, Emanuela Canepa, Silvia Gorgi, Giovanni Montanaro, Antonella Sbuelz, Matteo Strukul, Matteo Righetto. But why are there tanks, helmets, bombs? Why are they so big, bigger than anything else, in the drawings? There is only that, for them, yes, this new pain, these objects they did not know, which frightens them – says the author Giovanni Montanaro in his author’s text -. And then no, there is a dove, a little girl, an umbrella that protects a city, a hand, even, that holds back the bombs. Something colorful, bright, sudden; a face, a flower, a flag. These designs are similar but no, they are all different from each otherand someone sees something hopeful, and others do not, and then everyone has his own story, in this story, something definite, because nothing is the same for everyone….

Pain, hope, fear in the drawings. Chiara Briani, writer-neurologist: Among the colors and non-colors of the drawings, what struck me the most were the eyes. Lakes that contain fear, horror, rarely hope. Women’s eyes tearing blood, eyes closed not to see, frightened children’s eyes, soldiers’ eyes hidden behind goggles. Eyes that make noise. Sos Bambino International Adoption Association of Vicenza and the Municipality of Padova wanted the exhibition to convey the voice of Ukrainian girls and boys. To witness the horror of war and the wounds it leaves in the heart and mind. an opportunity for reflection for everyone – emphasizes the councilor for Social in the municipality of Padua, Margherita Colonnelo -. The memories of girls and boys will forever remain marked. our duty to understand their thoughts and take responsibility for them. Based on empathy towards the victims, we build a thought of peace. The goal of solidarity. The exhibition helps children from institutes in Ukraine and Ukrainian minors in difficulties, with a donation to the Sos Bambino association in Vicenza: Iban IT26A0200811803000012280580. And it supports the costs of treatment of a three-year-old disabled Ukrainian child received in Padua with a donation to A future for Danny: Iban IT 13Z0604512101000005001007.

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