school restarts with gaps. Against a record number of substitutes

In September, there is a risk of finding thousands of professorships in the classroom without permanent professors. The alarm starts from the world of schools: “This year we will continue with the substitutes’ calls.” Over 94,000 school recruits are scheduled, ready to go to bring all the teachers into class next September 1st. But that won’t be possible, because tens of thousands of teachers will be missing. For the unions, it is actually an unattainable number: many places will remain unfilled because there is a lack of teachers to hire. This is the great paradox of the Italian school: there are hundreds of thousands of substitutes who do their lessons every year on fixed-term contracts, but then when they are accepted into the role there are no qualified substitutes because places to hire from are running out run out.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance approved 94,130 teacher positions for kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and upper secondary schools for the school year 2022/23 for permanent employment. To these must be added the quota of school leaders equal to 317. But while for the principals the winners of the competition are ready to enter the role, this is not the case for the teachers. In fact, recruitment takes place through different channels: of the more than 94 thousand places, 50% must come from the ranking list of the competitions based on qualifications and exams and the other 50% from the ranking list when they are exhausted.

Too bad, but that the ranking list is empty: “We are not deceiving ourselves with these 94 thousand employments – explains Marcello Pacifico, secretary of Anief – unfortunately, if everything goes well, half of them will be realized”. The reason? The leaderboard until exhaustion is now running out. In the second-tier provincial ranking, on the other hand, there are thousands of substitutes, even with 36 months of service, who take up professorships every year to teach, but as substitutes. “We return this year with a record number of substitutes. In the end – explains Pacifico – also in 2022, the history of the last few years will repeat itself, with at least half of the posts assigned by Mef to the roles, which instead increased the number of fixed-term contracts ».As for the nominations from the merit list, the 50% quota reserved for the competition winners, for the middle and high schools, the winning teachers of the 2016 competition will be called, through the lists where they are still valid, from 2018 rankings and finally from the extraordinary competition in 2020. Even for primary and kindergarten teachers, the contributions in the role from the merit ranking list will depend on the tests from 2016, always if they are still in force, to follow them from 2018 and 2020. limit the open professorships, we will run for cover with the quick call.This is a recruitment procedure, introduced by former minister Lucia Azzolina in 2019 and suspended last year, which provides candidates from other regions the opportunity to participate in appointments in a region other than their own.

In short, anyone who wants to can decide to move to occupy the chair. In fact, this year too, it will be inevitable to witness transfers of temporary workers who have to move from the south to the north to work. “We are in a paradox – commented the coordinator of Gilda, the teachers’ union, Rino Di Meglio – where there are vacancies, there are no teachers and the ranking list is exhausted, where there are teachers who want to work, there are no places. It is a situation that repeats itself every year, just look at the table of the distribution of places: of the 94,000 available places, 22,000 are in Lombardy and about 9,500 in Veneto, the other Italian regions share the rest. Politics in recent years has complicated things by putting restrictions on travel: an insecure person who chooses to move knows that he is tied for three years and faces enormous costs with a salary that has not been equated with the high cost of living ».

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