Natural sunscreens for children

Natural sunscreens for children: what are the best sunscreens with physical filters and plant ingredients, how to read the INCI

Natural sunscreens for children

The summer season is often the children’s favorite: holidays, days to be bored or on campus to have fun with friends, and finally the swimming pool and the sea. Who doesn’t have fond memories of these three months off? But summer is also a time when you have to be especially careful, especially with the little ones: heat stroke is just around the corner, just like sunburn. Sunscreen is essential, and it’s a good thing. And if you are a parent who is aware of the compositions for the environment and for health, here is a list of the best natural sunscreens for children!

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How to choose your sunscreen

Everyone should protect the skin from the sunand with a high protection index: i UV rays they are dangerous and can eventually develop spots, benign tumors and more melanomas. Therefore, we must not joke and always use a good product. But what is a good product? That natural sunscreens for children they are the best choice for those who want to combine efficiency and respect for the environment with attention to composition.

How do you recognize natural sunscreen?

But how do you recognize one natural sunscreen from a classic? It is clear that very often they carry a wording, but this is not enough: it is better to pay attention to some basic information, easily identifiable in INCIi.e. in the ingredients list.

The main difference that separates natural sunscreens is the presence of physical filters and not chemicals. Physical filters (against UVA and UVB rays) are available minerals, which are treated to reflect the rays and shield, but at the same time often do not come into direct contact with the skin. These physical filters in natural creams are then mixed with other ingredients such as oils and plant extracts that perform an action emollientmoisturizing and soothing, but also with antioxidants, useful for maintaining skin health in the sun.

In it INCI of natural sunscreens there should not be:

  • perfume and other allergenic substances
  • silicones (good for texture but not good for the skin)
  • parabens (considered by many to be toxic and due to hormonal interference)
  • preservatives and dyes and other crude oil-derived substances
  • complexing substances such as EDTA, which are harmful to the environment

To understand how INCI is composed, you don’t need to be a chemist, just scan the product with a special app!

The best natural sunscreens for kids

So we come to the question natural sunscreens for children. Now that we know how to recognize a sunscreen, how do you choose it for children? Children should always prefer one 50+ protection. Newborns up to six months should never be exposed direct sunlight, so they don’t need sunscreen. For children, it is better to choose products spray, easier to reapply, in large formats and water resistant, although the application still needs to be repeated approximately every two hours. Here is our selection of the best natural sunscreens for children.

Environmentally friendly sunscreen for children 50+

This organic milk it’s perfect because it’s affordable and it is suitable for the whole family. Its 100 ml format allows you to take it with you even on holiday if you travel by plane with hand luggage, it does not contain parabens, silicones and other substances and protects against UVA and UVB rays.

THE PRODUCT: although it is suitable for children, it is ideal for the whole family and is excellent for moisturizing the skin because it contains, among other things, almond oil

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: The 100 ml format is definitely not enough for a whole summer, even if it is only used for one child

Other similar products, this one for the whole family:

And this by Equilibra, which mixes Sun protection and properties of aloe vera:

Natural sun spray for children SPF 50+

This Bionike product is a real must, loved by young and old for years. That spray it allows you to apply the product quickly, it is absorbed faster and children complain less.

THE PRODUCT: also in this case the product can be used by the whole family, it also works against skin ageing

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: INCI it’s not perfect, but it’s good

Other things sunscreen spray for children:

Natural waterproof sunscreen for children

This sunscreen it is a bit special because it is suitable for those who do it water sports (even in the mountains). For example, it is the most used by surfers, so if your child is taking a SUP or swimming course, it is the ideal product for face and shoulders.

THE PRODUCT: When applied, it resists water and sweat

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: difficult to use as a sunscreen for the whole body, only suitable for the face and shoulders

Other things waterproof natural sunscreens also suitable for children:

That natural sunscreens they differ from the classical ones by the presence of physical filters, based on minerals, and for ingredients of vegetable origin. Remember not to expose babies to the sun and avoid the hottest hours of the day even with children. Make sure you wear a hat so you don’t burn your scalp!

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