Murrelektronik’s decentralized automation? It has conquered the OEMs! Record orders

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He runs fast Murler electronics Italy, a subsidiary of the German multinational technology leader of decentralized automation founded in 1975 by the Hafner family. In the first half of the current year, orders grew exponentially with a record result. Core business, the market for machine builders. Automotive, packaging and food and drink, logistics and machine tools, the target sectors. Logistics, the last sector to be addressed by the multinational, is becoming increasingly important: for example, a system has been created to automate bu trunks handling in several European airports, while the largest online trading player has developedautomation on the machine of some parcel sorting centres.

“There decentralization is our strength – he says Maurizio Bardella, Technical manager of Murrelektronik Italy. We optimize the connection between plc and the level of sensors And actuators with a philosophy”zero cabinet“”. The components they manage data, signals and power they are installed on the machine without the need to resort to electrical cabinets and panels. With I/O functions, power supply, interfaces, cabling and connectors, the systems from Murrelektronik consist of components with the degree of IP67 protection which can replace various units normally included in a cabinet. “The benefits – says Bardella – are obvious. The cabinets can be smaller and in some cases they can even be removed ».

The system architecture is designed to have one monitor and one diagnostics make possible predictive maintenance. It is also with this logic that the new system was developed Vario-X, Murrelektronik’s first completely “zero enclosure” system. It makes use of one digital twin, a virtual 1:1 scale image that includes all system features and parameters to develop the design before you even order and assemble mechanical components. As if to say, with the digital twin it is the same virtual kinematics as simulates the real car. Vario-X can be viewed in augmented reality on a smartphone or tablet and manages virtually all motion sequences and functions necessary for assembly. In this way, installation and commissioning time is significantly reduced, as problems are solved in the simulation phase. Immediately “zero cabinet” philosophyMurrelektronik has also developed a solution for decentralized installation of vision systems in industrial production and logistics environments. As Bardella says: «It represents a valid alternative to the technologies currently used because, as for the machines, it simplifies wires and speeds up the construction and commissioning times of the facilities ».

No wiring architecture for machine builders

Maurizio Bardella, Technical Manager Murrelektronik Italy

Murrelektronik is specialized indecentralized automation and offers to sore skills e personal design advice. “Customers often express the need to be supported in their design choices,” he says Daniel Bizzarri – Sales manager for Murrelektronik ». Here, then, is a technically prepared sales team that can handle machine builders from the most diverse sectors. The commercial presence is divided by district, and each of these avails itself of the technical advice of system sales operating in the area, supporting the sellers from the pre-sales phase to the start-up phase and beyond, if necessary.

“There competence professional technical team serves to support OEMs who want to renew the traditional structure wires on the machine – says the manager – We are aware that change can create fear and confusion. Despite this, we invite our customers to carry out the first tests to directly verify the speed of setting up the wires, the reduction in the number of errors, the simplification in the installation And reassembly“. This latter advantage is certainly not trivial considering that once assembled and tested, the machine must be separated to be dispatched And together again at the customer. In the case of a traditional wiring all these operations, in addition to being time consuming, must be supported by specialized technicians who have to move to the installation site, usually far away, as most of the machines are exported. «Our solutions of structured cabling allows you to simplify the connection of the various components, says Bizzarri. An operation that can be performed directly by the operators associated with mechanical assembly, with a significant financial savings“.

Continuity of supply

Daniele Bizzarri – Sales manager for Murrelektronik

“The last few years have been a rollercoaster, says Bizzarri. Of course, we can only be satisfied with significant growth achieved”. With covid and geopolitical instability, the procurement model has changed. If before the prevailing approach was just in time, in this last period the approach has transformed into In the case of: I order more than I should and I stock up. “We assume that orders in the second half of the year will not reasonably be able to remain at the same level as in this last period,” notes Bizzarri. Major customers have postponed already planned investments. The main reasons? The continued shortage of materials and the exponential increase in prices, making the cost of building new facilities no longer sustainable“.

Structure by supply chain. And logistics are confirmed

Murrelektronik MVP12Steel

In order to be in line with market demand, Murrelektronik has structured itself at the supply chain level with a dedicated team. “Automotiveour historical reference market, and then the packaging of Food and drinksthat machine tool and last but not least logistics, emerging market in high growth. To one of our important customers dealing with bu trunks handling airport, we brought ours “on-machine” automation at Geneva Airport and other airports’. Again in the area of ​​logistics, as already mentioned, important projects have been completed for the most important player in trading goods via the internet, both in Germany the ten Uk. “In logistics, we don’t work with machine automation, we think about automating the entire plant,” explains Bardella. On these projects cost savings of wires it’s huge. This means not having miles of cables going to the electrical panel. In other words, with our Zero Cabinet approach, a streamlined and functional logistics system is created ».

Vario-X, Zero Cabinet decentralization

Murrelektronik Vario X is a modular automation platform that makes it possible to create tailor-made solutions. It is developed and constructed according to the customer’s individual needs and moves all automation components close to the actuators

The new system from Murrelektronik is one modular automation platform which makes it possible to create tailor-made solutions. It is developed and constructed according to the customer’s individual needs and moves all automation components close to the actuators. It is possible to implement all automation functions completely decentralized, i.e. without electrical cabinet. Vario-Xsays Bardella, brings sensors And actuators directly to the controller and ensures the reliability of voltage, signals and data management, as well as seamless integration of servo drive.

By moving from pneumatic drives to electric control, it is also possible to achieve a significant energy savings and recover energy during braking. The heart of the system consists of IP67-rated modules, power supplies, controllers, link switches, safety technology and I/O connections. All these components are placed, one next to the other, in one robust background equipped with integrated mechanical mounting profiles. Installation and connection of devices is plug-and-play with standard M12 and MQ15 connectors, to eliminate wiring errors and reduce installation time. This also avoids expensive and time-consuming installation procedures inside the electrical cabinet, such asinsertion of componentsthat stripping and laying of cables, marking and grounding of each element. To extend the concept of modularity to machine control, additional stations can easily be arranged around the machine and connected to each other, for example an additional power supply to support servomotors peripheral. Likewise, external I/O modules can be connected to process and control sensors and actuators without returning them to the backplane or I/O panel. This limits the variants of the control hardware and greatly streamlines the cabling architecture.

Decentralized solutions for vision systems

Murrelektronik Vision products

Vision systems are becoming increasingly popular within Industrial production and off logistics. Within Industry 4.0 or The AI ​​of things the use of cameras for image processing cannot be ignored. In this case, Murrelektronik bets on decentralized modules – such as switches, distributors and power supplies – must be installed directly on the machine. A set of cabling and connectivity technologies is included for implementation. For example, they can be used: Xelity Hybrid, the necessary contact to connect via ethernet the cameras and to supply the necessary power; a master box to combine the distribution of power and trigger/encoder signals to the main camera; a signal distributor for providing the control signals intended for slave devices; finally, a Nec Class 2 certified module to distribute power and signals to the lighting devices.

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