Manduria: GenZ’s loathing of those who fouled the beaches

Garbage in San Pietro in Bevagna

We, the boys of the “La Dora” collective, as members of the national movement “Fridays For Future”, feel obliged to express our disgust with the behavior of some of our fellow citizens, tourists and the administration’s inattention to waste left on our beaches. There are countless images of bags dripping with trash left on the beach with plastic, paper, dirty tissues and food. When waste rots, it releases large amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the air in addition to a bad smell, which contributes to climate change.

So let’s remember that plastic left on beaches is the most harmful pollutant: microplastics are mistaken for food by fish, and those who catch them eat the same garbage that someone left on the beach a few days earlier. Often there are scenes where several gentlemen and ladies drop several handkerchiefs around without picking them up, this facilitates the spread of Covid-19 and millions of other viruses and bacteria. Therefore, we realize that the pandemic has not even served to teach the basic fundamentals of public hygiene. We are disheartened to see the cars parked on the beach dunes, which not only damage the dunes and its entire habitat, but also contribute to giving the impression that our territory is left to itself.

This perception of being in the far west makes everyone feel entitled to leave their dirt in the sand, so much so that they will go unpunished because there is no sheriff and no one cares that because of this is unintentionally the children who play with it. risk of infections and allergies. We only want to bring you one message: let’s all take responsibility! Complaining in the comments is not enough, you need facts. We ask the administration to place the bins for separate collection on the beach, and replace them with the undersized one, which is unique and intended only for unsorted collection; adequate control for marinas with fines and seizure of vehicles if necessary; a strong effort to educate for legality. We ask citizens and tourists for a commitment to collect their waste, sort it correctly, pamper our sea and not consider it a waste bin. Don’t park on the beach and above all to complain less and act on the little things. The recent accession of our municipality to the “Covenant of Mayors” (world movement in favor of climate and energy) is another reason to consider the request recently sent by the representatives of Manduria Fridays For Future to declare a climate emergency in our municipality. We remind the administration that the bureaucracy must be the citizen’s friend and not complicate the paths of citizen activism. We point out that our inquiry sent to the municipality’s email was only rejected because it was not sent with PEC.

This barrier will only make us waste time and seek PEC for an adult, so it might actually have put us off. When we insert name, surname and all data in an email, it seems like an excuse not to consider it, just because we did not pay a private person to obtain the necessary certification (PEC). This, in addition to being able to deter us minors, can also deter any reporting of adults. Scientists tell us that we only have seven years left to act, by which time it will be too late and we face irreversible climate collapse. We demand a safe and clean future and above all actions to prevent this. We also ask the municipality to experiment with new forms of democracy and, in particular, to establish a direct line with us young people, which gives us the opportunity to participate in the city’s elections, even if we are not of legal age.

La Dora

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