Interior design 2022: February trends

A close look at the projects of architects and interior designers can help you find the right ideas for home furnishing in 2022. Not just for those who think about renewbut also for those looking to bring something new to decoration with small restyling interventions.

Among the trends that appear in the interventions of architects and interior designers, you can find inspirations and ideas to copy or simply find the enthusiasm for a small change. From the idea of round pillows to follow the forecasts for trend 2022to a great classic which checkered pattern, passes through a scheme with couple of pieces of furniturefor those who love symmetries. And also because February is the month Saint Valentine.

Gallery wall, collage of frames

Large-format pictures on the walls of the house always have a big impact. But they also have a great responsibility, so to speak: everything is entrusted to a single image that must be very representative and certainly not boring. At the opposite extreme of this decorative choice we find gallery wallthat is, the arrangement of frames of format And dimension varies that go into creating exactly one exhibition gallery in the home.

A solution that allows you to expand the choices and put together one of a kind nice collage. You can choose one chromatic theme that binds the images together or a motif. You can focus on abstract images or on personal photographs and family members, you can also insert mirrors into this composition. A great freedom that also gives you the opportunity to cover rooms irregular shapes. And for the lazy, there are websites with sections dedicated to assembling and purchasing ready-to-hang custom gallery walls like Desenio (opening image).

Christina Lundsteen

Curved shapes with round cushions

Among the trends for the new year, we also find the recommendation to focus on furniture from round shapes that suggests the sensation of comfort And calm. An advice that is apparently aimed above all at those who are furnishing a house from scratch or embarking on a renovation. But the idea of ​​introducing curved lines without major intervention can also find its way textile accessories just like pillows.

Round pillows are certainly not as popular as the square or rectangular format, but they exist in both small craft productionsboth in big brands of the furniture sector. And rollsuitable for the sofa as well as the bed, with the elongated cylinder shape.

Furnishing in pairs

Two identical pieces of furniture placed spectacularly in a room in the house: The classic example of this arrangement is that bedside tables on the sides of the double bed, which are often accompanied by the same lamps. So typically in this case and rarely elsewhere, this arrangement suggests a sense of symmetry And order and can also be copied in other rooms.

Another common example is found on the co-wallsn wall lamp placed on the sides of a central element such as niche or a fireplace. However, nothing prevents the twin elements from being on the walls: shelves, framework, mirrors and everything can be hung. The same game can also be replicated with pairs of sessionseven with slight color variations between them and side by side.

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Arthur Arbesser

The world of chess

Among the new trends we often find great classics: decoration choices with a tradition evergreen that always come back into fashion (or maybe never go out). Among these we find checkered patterna fantastic classic that always finds new expressions to renew itself.

It remains a valid decorative solution even in some of its more classic forms, such as the tiled floor. You can focus on tried-and-tested color combinations like black and white or red and white, or strike decisively fluorescent colors or ton upon ton low contrast. The possible uses are many, come on table textiles (another great classic) for the decorations of ceramics.

Wireless bedside lamp

L’lampshades, it has been around practically as long as there has been the light bulb. And it has been able to reinvent itself over time and remain a type lamp which always finds a place in our home. Perhaps with minimal forms that defy its origins, but essentially the original design remains.

If the function of the hood to diffuse soft light no longer exists thanks to new light sourcesand it is transformed into the ideal body to accommodate new technologies that allow you to have a rechargeable and wireless lamp. It remains the same familiar shape, but with a new technology for a lamp that can be used as light point addedmust be arranged and moved, perhaps like a light on Set table.


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