How to make children feel comfortable in restaurants

Few rules to keep kids happy in restaurants: how to choose the place, what not to miss, what to eat and how to entertain them

How to make children feel comfortable in restaurants

The issue of going to restaurants with children (as in many other places, eg hotels, airplanes …) is increasingly debated and never seems to go out of style. Those who do not have children, or perhaps have already grown up or still decide to go out without taking them, complain about their presence at the tables because it would prevent them from enjoying a quiet evening. Controversy aside as to how true this is, many parents still wonder how to make children feel comfortable in restaurants. If you’re wondering too, here are some tips.

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Why do children disturb the restaurant?

Legend has it that I children in the restaurant are crying, scream, throw food and run between tables. And it also seems that they are only the Italian ones, especially undisciplined ones. But will it be true? If it is certainly not frequent to meet children run bump into patrons and servants in the utter indifference of parents, it is instead true that children can be more chaotic: loud tone of voice, crying when they are small, “tantrums”, difficulty sitting and ea entertain. It does not depend – at least not only – on education, but also on age, habit and Grade. There are adults who leave their phones ringing loudly even in the cinema (maybe even answer the phone), others who talk continuously in a very loud voice on a plane or train, still others who eat in a scattered manner. But if you want go out with your kids and look for a way to make the children feel comfortable in the restaurantlet’s leave the controversy aside!

Rules to keep kids happy in restaurants

Children are not robots, but there are some tricks to avoid losing control, especially in situations where it is required. For example, Nicola Santini, etiquette expert, TV presenter and author of books spoke about it, who in an interview with Sapori di Repubblica explained how to enjoy a dinner with the children without disturbing others.

First of all, the expert explains, we must remember that our children are of interest… only to us! Oh well: there’s no need to attract attention from across the room, the other diners are there to eat and not knowing what our son is doing. Therefore, we also limit the approaches, patiently learning that one does not seek the attention of the neighbor at the table.

Likewise, they should not be justify children’s behavior always: if, on the one hand, it is true that they are children and have different ways and times than adults, we should generally tolerate, it is also true that there is a limit to everything. You can’t ignore it if a baby is having a crying fit, but maybe you can try to calm him down by going away for a moment, even for him.

Choose your restaurant well

A golden rule that should not be specified but is still best done is this: choose your restaurant carefully where you want to go with your children. Make sure it’s not a starred place with elaborate dishes and absolute silence, check the spaces (big tables, spaces between tables, maybe a space outside), make sure that in menu imagine something your child is eating. Of course, a plate with White pasta generally there is never a refusal, but not a pretense that they will satisfy every request.

It is also important when you book to inform the restaurant that they are there children. State the exact number of diners and state that they are children and of what age. Ask if you need it if there is one high chair and if you have other needs.

There is no need to choose one restaurant with room for children, but it can definitely be a plus. If nothing else, the other patrons will know that they are a place where they can meet kids!

Get the kids to come served faster and expect entertainment: no to banging tablets, yes to markers, games and colors. Especially if the children demand attention, you have to “sacrifice” yourself to entertain them, don’t let them do as they please, otherwise you will agree with those who say the children are to blame. confusing children it belongs to the parents.

In short, just use some common sense: choose the restaurant is already the first step to spend quiet time in the family without disturbing others, and already knowing how to entertain children, take care of them, is essential to ensure that children have a good time in the restaurant!

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