Holidays, children and books. 10 suggestions for children from 5 to 13 years

Even with the scorching heat, it’s always time for an extraordinary adventure of imagination, play, fun, incredible worlds, timeless heroes and history, the one that made our country great. This week we offer you 10 books that tell all this and much more. Enjoy the reading!

Books for 5 year olds

Poodles and chips

by Pija Lindenbaum

Publisher: Terre di Mezzo

Three happy dogs: Lana, Fiocco and Gatta live on their island where the potatoes they love so much grow in abundance and they even have a swimming pool. But one day the water runs out…

Books for 7-year-olds


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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum

by Geronimo Stilton

Publisher: Piemme

A strong cyclone sends little Dorothy and her dog flying through the air. Suddenly, the two find themselves in a fantasy world where, together with wonderful new friends, they begin a long journey in search of the great Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz

The fantastic journey into the world of pets. A comic adventure

by Roby

Publisher: Fabbri

Roby wants to celebrate her pet Polar’s birthday with friends and boyfriend, but evil Lara has other plans! He wants revenge. And to do that, she’s willing to do anything.


Books for 8 year olds

Deadly spit. Leo and the Monster card

by Chris Humphrey

Publisher: Piemme

Try to find verquali from the foaming jaws, tame Drusozanni from the eerie breath, or persuade sputosaurs dripping poisonous slime to leave the village alone! Equipped with a monster map, slingshot and magic stones, young Leo Wilder will have to do his best to keep the world of humans and monsters in perfect balance.

monster card

The 65-storey wooden house

by Terry Denton, Andy Griffiths

Publisher: Salani

Andy and Terry’s tree house has reached 65 floors! Yes, because in the additional 13 floors there is now an animal beauty salon, a birthday room, a cloning machine, a lollipop shop, an invisible floor, an ant farm …

wooden house

Books for 9-year-olds

Conquer the park. The pirates next door

by Reggie Naus

Publisher: Gallucci

Michael learns that the neighboring pirates want to take back the sea: oh my God, no! That would be the end of the fun. A plan must be drawn up to get them to be…

to conquer the park

Books for 10-year-olds

Fear of the lion. Because all animals get scared and why nature is fine with it

by Chiara Morosinotto, Davide Morosinotto

Publisher: Rizzoli

Like it or not, hunters are fundamental to the animal world, where everything is based on the relationship between the predator and its prey, between those who run to eat and those who run away for their lives. And those who run away to save themselves experience a feeling that we humans also know well: fear.

fear of the lion

The Constitution through the women and men who made it

by Nicola Gratteri, Antonio Nicaso

Publisher: Mondadori

Sandro Pertini’s life spent fighting for freedom, peace and justice. The struggles of Lina Merlin, Adele Bei, Teresa Noce for the emancipation of women. The centrality given to the work of Giorgio La Pira. Directed by Giuseppe Dossetti to balance the exceptional weight of the Church in a secular country. The Equal Rights of All Men Claimed by Elettra Pollastrini … As the men and women of the Constituent Assembly in 1946 fashioned the articles that make up our Constitution, you can hear in their ears the echo of the voices of extraordinary thinkers of the past like Machiavelli and Cattaneo, and in their hands we can glimpse a witness that passes on to more recent characters, such as Rita Levi-Montalcini, Franca Viola and Primo Levi, to come to us.


Books for 11-year-olds

We are bad

by Stefania Gatti

Publisher: Piemme

Ophelia’s life seems to come out of a black fairy tale: her mother has just died and her father is remarried to an evil stepmother who prevents her from going to school in order to make her function. Ophelia loves books and tries to rebel, but when she quarrels with one of her stepmother’s beloved children, she is sent to a dark boarding school.

we are bad

Books for 12-year-olds

Dad, I’m a gamer!

by Edoardo Maturo

Publisher: Piemme

At thirteen, Casper has few friends and a great passion: Minecraft. When he finally plucks up the courage and decides to open his own channel, he finds unexpected success, with thousands of followers and views. Knowing his parents’ distaste for social media and video games, Caspi does everything he can to keep his virtual identity hidden… And then he’s torn between real life, where he’s an almost invisible nerdy kid, and the online world in which he becomes a gamer idol named Kriptonite. But the short circuit is just around the corner…


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