his home, his furniture line and a timeless style

More than 2000 square meters, three floors and a large terrace. So The house of Giorgio Armaniking of Italian and international fashion, peeks out from a the seventeenth palace century in the streets of the center of Milan.

The designer’s historic home since 1984the dream apartment is the mirror of Armani’s personal and professional life, a real estate translation of his art and taste, which has always distinguished every line that bears his name.

From fashion to design

Patron of the homonymous fashion house, Giorgio Armani began his career in the windows of Rinascente, dealing with visual merchandising and actually looks for the first time in the world of the catwalk.

A very prophetic job, where the designer years later becomes one of the biggest spokespeople for Made in Italy around the world, Hollywood celebrities dress up not only on the occasion of the most famous gala nights in the cinema, but also on the set.

From Piacenza to Milan, and again New York, Paris, Moscow, Armani has changed the way of seeing and experiencing fashionday after day builds a solid company that is constantly in step with the times.

An indissoluble bond, that between the designer and the art of dressing, which has found its fulfillment in the latest line dedicated to the home. The passion for beauty and forinterior design translated into a new professional adventure that introduces Italian brand in the interior design world.

The house of Giorgio Armani

But the attraction and interest in furniture they knocked on Giorgio Armani’s door already in unsuspecting times, when the designer had recently entered the fashion world on his feet.

It was in 1984 when Armani settled on what is still his today the main house (the style guru boasts a collection of apartments and villas in Italy and around the world), in the heart of Milan: over 2000 square meters spread over three floors, in a 17th century building among the most central streets of the city.

The home looks like a harmonious and light-filled place where shades of white master and is the leitmotif for the entire apartment.

From the entrance to the bathrooms, nothing is left to chance: the black floor, as well as the fixtures, the huge double-walled bookcase and the staircase; the marble, the furnishing accessories and the hall’s large columns, white. To emphasize the gentle and balanced contrast between the two realities, the sky-earth windows that provide natural light to all rooms are from both exposures.

Despite being in the center of Milan, Giorgio Armani’s house is quiet and surrounded by peace.

On one side overlooking Garden it projects those who live it, even if only with their eyes, into an ethereal place where all cares disappear to give way to tranquility; on the other hand, the view of the street gently brings back the reality of the big city without ever invading the space of tranquility enjoyed by the entire building.

The style is clean, with simple lines from around the world. In the Armani house, the thirties, forties, ethnic and oriental styles meet and create a perfect and orderly mix.

A real refuge, therefore, where the stylist loves to retreat to enjoy solitude, but also to rediscover the pleasure of spending time with loved ones

The style of Armani Casa

How not to talk about “Armani Casa”: a design furniture line that expresses all the “aesthetic philosophy realized with simple lines and perfect proportions, enriched with precious materials, refined finishes and elegant fabrics. The minimalist style harmoniously combines different inspirations and design codes to create a sophisticated atmosphere“.

Timeless elegance, tireless and admired all over the world. His home with its furniture series enters everyone’s home. And how can we not have a piece that bears the Armani signature?

* Top image – Credit to Ad-italia.it and Biografieonline.it

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