Finpac Italia, the company that produces machines for applying labels

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Zilio Industries, a company active in the civil and industrial hydro-thermo-sanitary sector, has transformed from a small Vicenza-based company with seven employees to a company with 130 employees and a turnover of 30 million euros. anyway Ilaria Zilio, after 25 years in the family business, he decided to get back in the game and pursue new stimuli, focusing only on the strength of his ideas. And so at the end of 2019, he decided to give life to Iz Holding, a financial holding company. “On a personal level, I needed to change something and look for new growth opportunities. Of course, it wasn’t easy at first, but it was what I was looking for,” says the entrepreneur.

Born in one of the most difficult moments for the Italian economy, which is facing the consequences of the crisis that arose first from the pandemic and then from the conflict in Ukraine, Iz Holding has tried to pursue its business projects with determination. In 2021, after the analyzes started the year before, it decided to acquire 100% of Finpac Italy, company with over 30 years of experience in the production of machines for applying high-speed shrink labels to decorate products of all types and materials: plastic, glass and aluminum. Adaptation of all kinds of products: from tamper evident to partial body, from full body to underlap and multipack.

Founded in 1989, Finpac Italia is headquartered in Settimo Milanese in the province of Milan, but boasts 400 machines in 40 countries. Its customers include large national and multinational groups from various sectors such as food, beverages, dairy and household cleaning. “Finpac Italia was a pioneer in Europe in the production of sleeving machines, where ‘sleeve’ stands for ‘label'”, says Zilio. “That’s why, after analyzing this new market and understanding the possibilities it could offer, I decided, as a lover of Made in Italy, to embark on this new challenge”. A challenge that Ilaria took part in Finpac sleeve, born to support Finpac Italia in three basic phases: the design, the commercial and the post-sales part. The choice made it possible to simplify the processes and achieve the goals of the new industrial plan, which covers a period of four years and expects to bring the turnover up to six million euros.

The company also plans to strengthen investments in research and development already in 2022 with a view to industry 4.0 and re-engineering of the machines. “The investments were distributed over the years 2022-2025 for a total of 220,000 euros, in addition to the 240,000 already supported by Finpac Sleeve for commercial development and strengthening,” says Zilio.

The entrepreneur also wants to improve an intangible asset, but which constitutes an important part of Finpac Italia’s assets: its know-how. “Our skills have made it possible for the company to establish itself all over the world and reach large customers with its products and machines. Therefore, today we only have to enrich them more and more through innovation and investment”.

Precisely for this reason, the company has studied various educations. “We are working on relaunching the company thanks to participation in international fairs. We were protagonists at Ipack Ima in Milan and we will soon be present at Drinktec in Munich, at Gulfood in Dubai and at Simei in Milan, then in India and Mexico. We are also designing two new machines, one at low speed, to meet the needs of the Italian market. We therefore focus on the world of wine and beer. And we are designing a hot air oven to be placed side by side with the steam oven, in order to have an increasingly green, sustainable and energy-saving approach”.

Although shortages of raw materials, especially in the area of ​​electrical components, are putting many companies in serious trouble globally, including Finpac suppliers, Zilio has no doubts. “I try to boost a network of relationships and collaborations, which are fundamental to me. I always repeat to my employees: We are a team, only together can we win”.

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