At the Benedicta Festival the founder of “Archivissima”, Andrea Montorio and the concert “Lastanzadigreta”

Sunday July 24 re-appointment of the second edition of “Benedicta Festival – Art and maintenance of memory“, the review ofThe Memorial Association of Benedictacreated with support from Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria andMinistry of Culture in the Piedmont region and with the artistic direction of Paolo E. Archetti Maestri and Eugenio Merico by Yo_Yo Mundi.

In the early part of the afternoon “Conversations in the Apennines“Will lead to Benedicta, among the beautiful landscapes of Capanne di Marcarolo, Andrea Montorio, co-founder of Promemoria Groupthe first Italian company specialized in recovering, protecting and improving the historical memory of large companies, cultural institutions and private collections.

Among the creators of the festival “Archivissima“and of”File“, The first ever magazine made entirely with materials from the archives, Andrea Montorio redefined the image of the archives in Italy and in 2021 he published the book for Add Editore”Memorandum. How to create the archive of your memories! “.

To Cascina Pizzo Documentation Centerstarts from 16, Montorio will flip through the chapters of the volume with us and make his experience available to help us understand what method can guide us in creating our “archive of memories”. Thatarchivist Chiara Quargnolo, PhD candidate in the ecology of cultural and institutional systems at the University of Eastern Piedmont. Chiara Quargnolo is working on the archival material of the Associazione Memoria della Benedicta for the creation of a digital archive documenting the environmental history of the Parco di Capanne di Marcarolo in relation to the events that took place during the Resistance. The creation of the digital archive for Benedicta is financed by the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation, as part of the “History and memory 2021” call.

There will also be Sunday 24 July sinoira snack based on typical products of the Capanne di Marcarolo area, offered by the Associazione Memoria della Benedicta and you can admire the exhibition The resistance and a momentwith the works of the graphic artist, illustrator and web designer Ivano A. Antonazzo, and there will be a new must-see concertalso this a free access.

From 18actually it will sound “Lastanzadigreta“. After winning Targa Tenco 2017 for “Best First Work” thanks to the acclaimed debut album “Wild Creatures”The Turin collective of musicians and artists have completed a new collection of “nursery rhymes in music” in their latest work “Useless machines (La Contortionista / Sciopero Records, Self-distribution, with the support of MiBACT and SIAE as part of the “Per chi Crea” program). In the new album, “Lastanzadigreta” came in 13 small stories which with irony and delicacy tears a bittersweet smile, changing fictional characters, animated machines, superheroes from the resistance movement, dreamy girls and adult girls, temps “It challenges the employment gap“, Call center operators, flowers that grow on the asphalt of a sick world that needs to be rearranged and saved. The protagonists of our day, where capitalist realism rules, where the future is hard to imagine, where the connections of the bureaucracy exploit everything and everyone, and where the greatest gesture of love is “pay contributions to your partner”. “Useless machines“Want to be part of the title a tribute to Bruno Munari’s workwho in the middle of the last century, in the middle of the industrialization of our country, developed a series of drawings and sculptures dedicated to machines “useless because they do not manufacture, they do not eliminate labor, they do not save time and money, they do not produce anything that can be sold“; I am nothing but “colorful moving objects to look at while looking at a moving cloud complex after spending seven hours inside a useful machine shop“.

The “Lastanzadigreta” collective is formed by Alan Brunetta – marimba, vibraphonette, glockenspiel, percussion, keyboards, vocals, Leonardo Laviano – vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion, Flavio Rubatto – percussion, theremin, didjeridoo, keyboards, kalimba, vocals, Jacopo Tomatis – mandolins, synths, toys, vocals. Also with them Umberto Poli – electric guitars, cigar boxes, vocals – who, due to commitments with his new Grama Tera project, will not be able to participate in the concert at Benedicta.

That “Benedicta Festival – Art and the Maintenance of Memory”in addition to the important and already mentioned support from the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of the Piedmont Region, it is carried out in agreement with the bodies, associations and institutions that are part of the “Memoria della Benedicta “Unifies and expects additional collaborations, including that of the CRT Foundation, delPolo del ‘900, “Archivissima”, “Through Festival”, “Museum of the Resistance of the Borbera Valley”, National Institute “Ferruccio Parri” and the national network of “Landscapes of memory”.

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