At # Giffoni52 the social enterprise “With children”

Friday 22 July 2022 – 17:08

At # Giffoni52 the social enterprise “With children”

Presented the documentaries set in earthquake-stricken central Italy

Rome, July 22 – A large educational site in the Italian Apennines, an educational community that moves along the villages of four Italian regions that have been plagued in recent years by real seismic swarms, earthquakes that have followed and repeated, bringing destruction and death and in the long run, depopulation and educational and cultural impoverishment. It is for this reason that the “Con i Bambini” Social Enterprise has decided to move, promoting projects aimed at combating educational poverty and giving children and young people the opportunity to live an important educational experience. The initiatives were told by two documentaries shown this morning during the 52nd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. It is TERRE MUTATE by Alessandro Marinelli and KINTSUGI by Lorenzo Scaraggi, both produced by “Con i bambini” in collaboration with IF Learn to Do. Present at the screenings, in addition to the two directors, the president of “With children”, Marco Rossi Doria.

Giffoni founder Claudio Gubitosi did the honors: “We have been working with the social enterprise Con i Bambini and the Fondazione Con il Sud for years and we are proud of it – he said – Just as we are proud to have Marco here with us. Rossi Doria. His testimony is of a life dedicated to children, young people and children. His experience is a guarantee for everyone”.

Representing the Campania region, the Councilor for Vocational Training, Armida Filippelli. Also for her, a life dedicated to the school as a school leader who has operated in delicate social contexts with always innovative approaches: “I am really happy – he said – to find me here, because you are truly a wonderful sight. Giffoni is the confirmation that when you have skills, imagination and vision, you can do very important things. Giffoni is an example of what human intelligence can do. Here, a wonderful opportunity has been created to give life to a gathering of young people living a very formative experience. I hope and am sure that this festival can become even bigger. I see the possibility of generating yet other things. The value of certain ideas also lies in the dissemination. I have spent my life fighting inequality and educational poverty. Institutions need to know how to stay close to the young, again and above all to those who are lost and want to reconnect with their future.”

Happy with the presence of Commissioner Filippelli Marco Rossi Doria in particular, who emphasized this at the beginning of his speech: “I am happy – he said – that on this occasion you are the institution that is next to us in day of this initiative”.

After Rossi, Doria explained the birth of the social enterprise “With children”, referring to the projects presented this morning in Giffoni.

“Italy – he declared – is a rich country, but characterized by a very important phenomenon of underbirth. There are about nine million children and young people from 0 to 18 years in Italy today. Of these, a third live in poverty, unable to complete their schooling and determine the conditions for a fully dignified life. To address this phenomenon, it would require major public policies carried out, from government to government, continuously for at least thirty years. In 2016, the idea of ​​creating a fund to combat educational poverty. The government decided at that time that it was necessary to trust an organization called to manage the fund. The Fondazione Con il Sud was identified because it represented a virtuous example of managing resources in a serious way without waste and waste. Thus the social enterprise with children was born. For years it was run in an excellent way by Carlo Borgomeo. I have been its president for a few months”.

Giffoni crosses Foundation With the South and Social Enterprise “With Children” thanks to the Sixteen Modes of Saying Hello project, conceived and created by the Autonomous Giffoni Experience, selected by Social Enterprise With Children, as part of the foundation for the fight against youth education poverty: “It brings together – said Rossi Doria – the fight against educational poverty for communication. In the selection of projects, we have the ambition to be at a truly European level in terms of quality. This project that has been selected is undoubtedly an activity of great value ”.

Then a passage about the two documentaries presented to the jurors of Giffoni and the boys of Giffoni Impact !: “The two films – explained Marco Rossi Doria – have a landscape in common, and the landscape is the landscape of the earthquake-stricken areas of central Italy . . In these areas, depopulation is a phenomenon that has been going on for twenty years, then the earthquake happened. As a social enterprise, we wanted to give life to an experimental project which, however, did not have the character of an urgent effort, but which was useful for the future of education in these countries, where children and young people had the right to an important education. experience. The two directors embraced these countries, these guys. And the result is the confirmation of this passion”.

The head of communication for Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini, Fabrizio Minnella, introduced the two directors: “We – he said – have the task of promoting change that can also be encouraged through history, as in this case”.

The two directors present in the room were excited: “I expected – said Alessandro Marinelli, director of Terre Mutate – to meet people who are very angry about what happened to their country, to their homes. Instead I found people rolling up their sleeves to rebuild their future. In particular, I could see the determination of children and young people”. Lorenzo Scaraggi, who signed Kintsugi, echoes him: “I would never have imagined – he said – to work with children. This film, made in times of pandemic, tells us how to be resilient and adapt to life, as the earthquake in these areas and covid taught us back then.

The two views were much appreciated. The images of the villages of the Apennines, the stories of these young people to tell with simplicity and passion, the activities proposed during the projects promoted by With children, from music to reading through the cinema, have given the image of an effective initiative, designed for young people who is capable of instilling hope and optimism for the future.


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