The fire provides no respite, fires in the Pulfero area and in Val Resia: on the Karst firefighters at work to protect the houses. A4 reopened


  • There are several outbreaks in Friuli: firefighters at work in Pulfero and Val Resia
  • The A4 motorway reopened towards Trieste. Still stop the trains
  • Still very critical situation on Karst (Here the report)
  • Damage also to Drenchia and intervention in Friuli (updates)
  • Breathable air, factories closed: three thousand workers at home (Here is the list)
  • The region: Wear the Ffp2 masks in 5 municipalities (The complete list)

RESIA. Operations to extinguish the large forest fire in Karst between Gorizia and Trieste will continue on the morning of Thursday 22 July. Even in the night that has just passed, firefighters, staff from the Regional Forestry Corps and Aib (Forest Fire Protection) volunteers from the Civil Protection have been working to extinguish the forest flames and protect homes and structures: in some villages in the municipalities of Doberdó del lago e Duino Aurisina a total of about 200 people were evacuated.


After a period of relative calm at night and this morning, the fire, which also hits the Karst region of Slovenia, has intensified again on the Slovenian front, where local firefighters are currently fighting fires in three different locations. This is stated by the Slovenian press agency STA. Three villages in Slovenia, Temnice, Vojscice and Novela, are being evacuated and the area affected by the fire has exceeded 2,000 hectares, according to what was communicated by Slovenian civil protection authorities and reported by STA.

About a thousand men are involved in putting out and contain the fire, the largest in recent national history. The operations are also attended by helicopters from Austria, Croatia and Slovakia and aircraft from the Slovenian army. Ambulances and first aid in the Nova Gorica area are also on high alert. To make the situation even more difficult, unexploded ordnance dating back to World War I has been hidden for more than a century on the Slovenian Karst, which explodes due to fire and high temperatures.

The railway connection between Trieste and Monfalcone cannot be reactivated today because there are still active outbreaks on the route. This is the result of an inspection that was carried out this morning by RFI technicians together with the Fire Brigade. The study also showed that some parts of the wire were severely damaged by the flames and therefore it is assumed that the repairs will be very demanding.


Meanwhile, the latest inspection carried out by the technicians from Venetian Autovie and the firefighters gave a positive result. The A4 motorway towards Trieste was reopened shortly after 9 on the section between Villesse and Liseret. On the other hand, there is still uncertainty about the development of the fire in the western part of the highway. Therefore, the section between Sistiana and Redipuglia towards Venice is still closed at the moment.


Flight flights were resumed at dawn to try to stem the devastating fire that broke out 48 hours ago on Carso, between Monfalcone and Trieste. The fleet consists of 11 aircraft: nine fire brigade and civil protection helicopters and two Canadair.


During the night, two fires broke out in Friuli: in Val Resia and in Pulfero. The first caused the closure of both the entrance and the exit of the road to Val Resia. As announced by the Mayor, Anna Micelli, with a note, “the passage with escorts and only for extremely urgent reasons” is guaranteed. It will be the mayor himself, he clarified, to justify a possible absence from work.

Fires in Friuli, Resiutta Mayor: “We need air vehicles, help us”

Firefighters kept the front under control, especially by guarding stables and communication facilities. Another road in the area, the one to Sella Carnizza, is also closed. Rescuers are busy trying to create a temporary forest trail along the river. Wide fire front also in Pulfero, where several firefighters are carrying out firefighting operations.

Val Resia isolated, a bypass will be opened to reach the city

On the evening of Wednesday the 20th, the regional nucleus Nbcr (Nuclear Biological Chemical Radiological) intervened in Jamiano, in the municipality of Doberdò del Lago, which recovered an old LPG tank, which had been out of use for years and which had been involved in fires. in the area.

Fire in Val Resia, the helicopter collects water to extinguish the flames


In the last few hours, the civil protection in Lignano has received many phone calls from citizens and tourists who are alarmed by the presence of a cloud of smoke approaching the seaside resort. Alessandro Borghesan, head of civil protection, said “air levels have remained below the threshold and are not a cause for concern”. It remains for any opportunity to monitor the situation to refer to Arpa Fvg’s website.

Already on Wednesday, Mayor Laura Giorgi announced after verification with the Regional Civil Protection Operations Room that the presence of smoke in the area, although annoying, did not represent a health problem as the recorded values ​​fell below the risk thresholds.

In the municipal area, the surveillance service in the forest areas was further strengthened by the #protezionecivile volunteers with the help of the local police and the police. At the same time, some volunteers from Lignano have already reached the Karst areas in difficulty with means of transport.


The railway connection between Trieste and Monfalcone will not be reactivated in the morning. We learn this from RFI, whose services continue in the alternative forms of shuttle, buses and boats; the latter has been improved. The railway technicians are awaiting permission to come “on line” and make an initial inspection to verify the extent of the damage in the fire. The flames could have damaged cables and security systems.


From what was communicated at the result of the summit in the prefecture of Gorizia, the situation, despite its complexity, is under control: the firefighters explained that on Karst the flame fronts were very high, now there is still a kind of “bog fire” left. with outbreaks not reaching the severity of the previous day.

The discomfort may relate to the smoke, which due to the low pressure will increase, and for this reason it is advisable to limit the outlets and wear the Fpp2 mask outdoors.

The Vice-President of the Riccardi region added that the National Department has arranged all the necessary instruments and has also made a request at European level to activate the solidarity mechanism to obtain additional funds.


Also on Thursday, for the second day in a row, the Monfalcone factory in Fincantieri will remain closed due to the consequences of the fire on Karst. If the air situation slowly improves, the yards will remain inactive to allow cleaning of yards and decks on the ships for soot and smoke, in some cases penetrated through the air conditioning ducts. About 8,000 people work in the plant, including Fincantieri employees and workers from related companies.

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